Rigged Powerball


How the hell I am always close the day before missed by a whisker 4+1 or even the jackpot in Mega and now this at least 3+1 if not 4+1 or 5+0 

My PB with power play was

01,06,20,49,54  (16)

    04,19,49,23,25(14) < Result

Rigged or a fraud

and powerball headquarter is in Florida it's rigged if not I should be winning babeh

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If you feel it's rigged stop playing.  It's that simple.


PB you're way off. Only two numbers are close. Won't say it's rigged. Hey If you match the red ball you win a prize. 

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In response to NY10

Somebody in Rochester won the 5+0 million dollar prize with a QP, no wonder you're nettled! Better luck next time, amigo.

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Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.

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In response to NY10

For a second there I thought you were statstalker.

I had 2 numbers right on my ticket....4-19. I was closer than you.

Before crying rigged, just remember how many combinations there are in this game.

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If I thought it was rigged I would take a break from it.

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In response to NY10

There's Only One Way to Know the Lottery Isn't Rigged: Blockchain!

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In response to NY10

4 and 19 were drawn 5 yrs ago on that big jackpot too.   Something was telling me the 4 was going to be drawn again.  I'm not going to get into about the rigged and fraud part.   Lots of members will start getting on me about that part.

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If it was Pennsylvania you would have a point lol

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Please be respectful and don't attack other members for having a different opinion.


It's rigged until I win at least 4+1 minimum 

rigged and fraud even if people on here cry it's not rigged,MUSL isn't rigged and fraud but it is rigged and it was proven in the past end of

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It's Not the Odds: MegaMillions Odds=1 in 302,575,350

It's Not the Odds: PowerBall Odds=1 in 292,201,338

It's the Martians Interfering with the Drawings: Making it next to Impossible to Win.

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