Has anyone used mathematical methods to predict winning numbers?


hi, i have used mathematical methods like fibonacci numbers and method 3,6,9 to predict lottery winning numbers, but so far the results are unstable, it seems that there is no logic to predict the winning numbers, but it has toThere is a logic when choosing the numbers, have you had some good experience using mathematical methods to predict winning lottery numbers, greetings ...

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It really depends on which type of game because lotto type games are not even close to the games using 10 digits in two, three, four, or five digit positions. Not all lotteries use the same method to create random drawings, but none to my knowledge use math like adding something to the previous drawings or even use  previous drawings as a seed.

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"it seems that there is no logic to predict the winning numbers"

Weird, isn't it? Its almost as if the winning numbers are random and unpredictable.

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You're correct up to a point. Today's Florida mid p-3's winner was 251. 251 can show up tomorrow in the mid drawing, however, the probabilty of that occurring is extremely low. We can use other similar filters that can possibly remove a huge swath of combos that aren't in favor of showing.

I'm currently monitoring a system I created which uses the power of the number 3 for the pick 2 game. So far, had I used it from the first day of Dec. to yesterday, I would be ahead profit-wise, although it's a very small profit, nontheless it works for now. This is why I'm not actually spending money to see whether this trend continues for at least another month before I consider actually spending money.

There are people out in Vegas who make a living playing the slots but they've been practicing for decades. Not many of them, but still winning.


Yes I use mathematics to predict lottery numbers everyday and 9 out of 10 I win with those numbers. Let me give you guys a tip. Your mathematical plan or strategy works you just don't know. Before you use mathematics for any Lottery in the world. You need to understand a very important thing. A number can have from 10-15 equivalents. Meaning the *26 hot number you got with your mathematical plan could come as 15 other numbers that is the equivalent of 26. It doesn't mean your mathematical plan doesnt work, they just didn't play your number 26 but they played it in a different form. If you want to learn how to learn how to decode equivalents of lottery numbers. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and message at the comment section. Just write *here for Equivalent as the pass. Here's my YouTube-UK49s LOTTO DAILY PREDICTION you'll also see my daily prediction of UK49S lottery. Another opportunity for you to win on a daily basis. I'm out...

Mathematical methods are understood to exist and some more.Types of numbers, the basics: even, odd and prime. 
There are other groups that are derived from these three, compounds (even and odd, we eliminate the primes).Perfect, triangular, hexagonal, etc.
Look for them on the net and make statistics about those groups and the draws that have been held.In some it is surprising that they have a good number
of hits and it only remains that the chance of your selection
or the strategy you use to select the numbers, is correct.Good luck in the selection of the numbers and the strategies you use.
Simple is the best, there are people who select well or very good intuition and those who, without having any intuition or knowing how to select, 
have these aids that help us to evolve and get involved in these challenges, get to get small prizes that make us happy the day to day.Everything is possible.
There are mathematics methods you want and imagine. None guarantees you prizes, they only bring you a little closer, the work and the perseverance 
in the design of the strategies to use will make you see that it is possible.The method they teach is correct and it works, there you have one.
Through the groups of numbers and their type, you can create other groups and start creating a strategy to play, as economical as possible and profitable.
That would be the job to do.
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How do you practice playing a slot machine? Thats rather intriguing.

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Distance between numbers

There is another good and very laborious one when creating the prediction, it is not based on previous combinations, it only looks for numbers that you play as fixed, depending on the distance that two numbers can have.
Work with reduced methods, and if you manage to master it, you can get good prizes, the amount of combinations to play usually includes in a minimum and a maximum of combinations.
I am currently using this method and have good expectations of hitting 10 moves out of 10.

You can use it for the game you prefer.
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They pull the handle a few times and hope they can persuade a nearby tourist to give them money for a real play

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I will try that next time I go to Winstar!

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After years of playing, they find which machines to play and for how long. One guy said to ONLY play machines that are at the end of a row of machines that are closest to the main walkway. This way people can see you winning in order to make more people play.

Another technique used by watching someone play a long time without a win, and then when they leave, jump on that machine because it's hot to pay. At one casino years ago, there were two elderly people standing behind us just watching for about an hour, and when I left to another machine, they jumped on the slot I was using.

I'm sure those tips are beginner tips that the pros probably use along with their own secret ones much better.

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oh yeah, I have heard of watching people play then taking the machine when they leave without a win.


Hello Pick3master3838, what kind of lottery do you play? It is only pick 3, or is it pick 4 or is it pick 5, if your lottery is pick 5 and from there use your method to obtain your pick 3 numbers because obviously the numbers will be repeated because you pick 5 has too many combinations, I have been able to predict 4 or 5 numbers using a mathematical method, but then I use the same method and there are no good results, one does not really know in what period of time it may take to get the predicted result, but if your lottery is only pick 3 the combinations should not be repeated a lot since pick 3 is only 1000 combinations, greetingsssss


mathematical methods ?
Try my system.I use letters not numbers.I have over 100 posts,so I guess I'm not winning either.However,the other day,I had the Powerball with 3 numbers.I didn't pay attention to what had occurred earlier.
   I received a text from another LotteryPost member asking what numbers to play for his daughter's  birthday.8/23/2004
I gave him 8232 8234 8332 8334 1823  1833 .He won on numbers 1833.
   That was only a one time occurance.
I play the first letter of a word,counting on the alphabet a-z...B=2   J=10   S=19  ect. Also 19 can be  one-number nine,and 9 can be nineteen.
   The other day,I get a call from my girl.She needs a ride to a Doctor's Appointment.So later I'm thinking....Doctor=Letter D=#4 and Appointment =Letter A=#1.I combine both Letters=DA=#41.Forty-one is too high for the Powerball Number,so I Reverse the #41=#14.
Lo and behold,.....#14 was in fact the Powerball Ball #.
   Check out my blog,read from #1,to get an idea of how I play the Lottery,or should I say, on how I "almost" played the Lottery.
Thanks for reading...Thomas


Hello, besleeping2 those forecasts would no longer be in decimal base, they would be another numerical base, I have heard that there are people who take numbers to form their lottery combination through events that happen in their lives such as the number of bus they took and things like that by chance They win the lottery, but in order not to deviate from the topic if you play pick 3 and your lottery is pick 5 use pick 5 to make your pick 3 predictions, greetings ...

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