I won, but how much?

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The notification email is a bit contradictory on the amount, but I know it's legitimate because the claims agent is both certified, and accredited.


The U.K. National Lottery Online Lottery Promo Dept. Customer Service. PO Box 1010 Liverpool L70 1NL United Kingdom. Date of Notification 10-01-2021 Ref N0: KKL/08-003/GA. Attn: Winner. Congratulations! Your e-mail address attached to the Batch N0:P2/0056 with Serial number: 06/1055 drew, 08-01-21 [5] [11] [13] [17] [14] [48] [25], which subsequently won you a prize in the category “B”. You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of £4,800,000.00 (One Million , Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds) in cash credited to file Ref N0: KKL/08-003/GA.

Please be advised as follows: To file for your claim, kindly send text to our certified and accredited claims agent with the information below: *********************************************** Name: James Ilori phone : 447451 208881 Claims processing agent For: The U.K National Lottery. *********************************************** You are advised to provide him with the following information: Names: Email: Telephone/Fax number: Nationality: Age: Occupation: Yours Faithfully, Mrs Janet Spencer Online Co-ordinator UK National Lottery Promo

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This is obviously a scam, why are you claiming it's real?  We try to educate people about scams -- not make them worse by causing confusion.

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He's a #45ver... possessing unbridled  Crazy sTuPiDiTy...!!  Spreading "Fake News"

BTW... CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS..!!   You've also won "The Brooklyn Bridge"..!! Green laugh

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I agree this sounds like a scam.

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Interesting parody, Floyd and hopefully it will help people understand no matter how good it looks, it's probably not true. In this example a Red Flag should be raised when someone sends you an email asking for your email address. 

Another thing shows it's an obvious scam is the scammer made a 3,3 million pound mistake on the winnings.

In response to Stat$talker

Looks like an example of lottery satire to me.

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Remember having bought tickets? No? It's a scam.

Have tickets? Check with the official lottery website.


You didn't win anything... It's a scam. Just google "Janet Spencer Online Co-ordinator UK National Lottery" and there's heaps of results regarding lottery scams.

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Your failure (and others obviously) to recognize the facetiousness of his post makes you the pot as the old saying goes. . .

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In response to KY Floyd

Congratulations!!! You won $2,053,169.07 US dollars. Please send a small fee to cover the cost of processing your prize. Thumbs Up

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"not make them worse by causing confusion."

I know some of the members here aren't especially bright, but I would have thought this was one area where they wouldn't be confused all that easily. The responses make it look like everybody recognized it as a scam, although other aspects of it apparently proved too difficult for some to grasp.

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In response to KY Floyd

Actually the members here tend to be pretty smart.  Not sure why you would insult people like that.

Anyway, if you're going to post about a scam, you should be aware that posting "satire" is not a good idea, because your "satire" might be interpreted completely differently by someone who either does not share your type of humor, or perhaps English is not their first language and they take you seriously.

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In response to ieatdirt

I agree, Just another 🤡

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