Name ONE Lottery Game you have sworn off for life... :/


Mega Millions.. I have sworn off this game for LIFE. I have NEVER one anymore than $10 on this game... I hate Mega Millions with a passion.... :/

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In response to Karen Nathan

The Odds of the Game are against the Players:

Jackpot: 1 in 302,575,350!

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LOL. What about Powerball? It's virtually identical.

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            That cRaZy "All or Nothing"..!!  Crazy


I had an extra $80 to play with Lottery today. I played $70 and then remembered I wanted to play 2 $5 groupers for $10. The Lottery Clerk suggested I play the new $10 Grouper rather than 2 $5 Groupers. I said,"Okay,". Lo and behold, I found a MEGA MILLIONS ticket in one of the "New Grouper," Sacre Bleu! O.O LMAO! The "New Grouper is a DREADED $2 MEGA MILLIONS, a $2 Combo Jackpot Triple Play, a $4 Lotto ticket, a $2 Powerball, and a $1 Pick 4 ticket.  All of this SHOULD be $11, but with the Grouper, it is $10 because the Pick 4 ticket is FREE. :)


The "Normal," Grouper is a $2 Jackpot Triple Play, a $2 Fantasy 5 with EZ Match, a $1 Pick 3, a $1 Pick 4. It's $5 for what SHOULD be $6, but the Pick 3 ticket is FREE. :)

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It is, but somehow I never win Megamillions either.  I haven't sworn it off yet, but I usually only have 1 in each draw.  If I have extra money I spend it on Powerball or Lucky for Life.

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To answer the question, I'm trying to swear off the Holiday Raffle.  I've had tickets all 13 years it's been going.  The first several years I'd buy 15 or more at ten bucks each.  This year I was down to 5, so I've probably spent over a thousand dollars on it, and I've never won a penny from it, and it's starting to make me mad. 

I wasn't supposed to buy any this year, but then I was reminded of the odds of 1:250,000 of winning a million bucks and decided to buy just one.  Then ended up with 5. 

Checking the numbers on the 28th I sat there thinking $50 spent and not a thing to show for it.  I'd have been happier spending that on Powerball where I'd probably have won at least $10 of it back.


i  only  play  pick  3  thats  it


Ontario 649

On Aug 9 2000, I switched up my numbers after playing them for several years with little more than $10 here and there.

ON Aug 11 2000, those numbers I switched out came up. $4.4mil the very next draw. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

It was a Wednesday.

There were no winners.

That date will be burned into my brain for the rest of my life.

In response to Karen Nathan

Let me guess you'll have a megamillions ticket for tonight? 

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Cash 3

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I bought an extra one for last night, and I'll have another extra for Friday's drawing.  Green laugh

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All or Nothing. Illinois only has it for a short time thank goodness.

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Over the long run, probably need to win at least two jackpots to break even. I see the results every day and several people use 200 lines a day and $500 winners are few and far between. It really is a "jackpot or nothing" game.


California lottery's  " Daily Derby." It's so bad, l have nothing to add.

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