Solar eclipse/New Moon in Capricorn


If the Moon is a nourishing mother, represented by69 (mother's breasts), then Saturn symbolizes law, authority,

order, power and a stern fatherhood. The Moon works in conjunction with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn.

It takes the Moon 28.5 days go through all 12 signs in the zodiac,while Saturn spends 28 years to complete the cycle.

Solar/Moon eclipse basically means Sun opposing the Moon. 69X 66X 99X pairs will hit.

Capricorn digits are 33X 38X 68X 66X 88X. Numbers like 680 168 628 338 380 381 368 388 389 668 688 333 666 888

are highly likely to hit. In pick 4 maybe 1680 1681 3380 3801 3388 6801 6868 6089 3880 3333 6666 8888


Is this all states?

In response to Mall-Missouri$

Yes. For Mizzou, try tasty 328 for sum 13.

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Thank you from Florida. 888 and 8888 are some numbers I've been playing for awhile, but fell back. I guess it's time to pick them back up. Blessings to all.

Smiley Santa

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A combo with 09X pair should drop soon in FL. Maybe 096, assuming sum 15 returns.



Thank you for sharing 

Does anythjng for NJ look good???


Hi LP family.. I had a dream that I met my friend as a child, he was buying fish and immediately he scolded me and asked me for news while he showed me an old photo and said this was a photo when we were in 6th grade. Any bady tell me number for this meaning? Tkss

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I wish I can help, but I don't do dream numbers. I'd say try 38X 33X 88X combos, since u dreamt fish (Pisces).


Saturn enters Aquarius tomorrow at 12:04 AM EST. Saturn previously tapped into Aquarius on March 21st, backing into Capricorn (due to its Rx) on July 1st. So what happens now will reactivate issues from that time.

The following events are happening concurrently:

Mercury enters Saturn/the Sun enters Saturn/Mercury conjuncts Sagittarius South Node.

The numbers to play-490 491 429 480 428 449 499 489 580 581 558 588 520 522 560 180 182 187 287 188 189 890

Plus 111 444 555 888 999

Saturn returns home on Dec 21, bringing good fortune to Capricorns. Relish it, because the next Saturn home coming

won't happen until the year 2048.

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Omg I'm just now seeing this post Shocked

Michigan got 806 and 0338 tonight$$$

Great call!

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In response to Nebula88

Florida had 3336 Smash

Thanks for posting Blue Angel

In response to Nebula88

380 Michigan Mid straight Hurray!

Congrats you Rock!!!!!

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In response to Nebula88

Florida 948

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In response to Nebula88

You called it and I still missed it. Was playing 069 last month. Wow LOL

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189 Florida.  Wow. Was wondering where I saw the number before. 

Blessings to you Blue Angel

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