Any one winning Ontario daily keno ??


So HARD to win anything.... always skipping a number by 1

any tips :)  please


Thank you in advance.

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Here in China they just started a Keno game with 80 numbers and they pick 20 numbers. 10 of 10 is the grand prize.

In my province they haven't started yet but I have been playing on paper to see if I can come up with some strategy.

I notice that your prize payout is low.

For us the payout for a 10 of 10 is 500,000,000 RMB which is about 700,000 U.S. dollars before taxes.

Your last midday results:

To be continued...


Thank you for your reply.

they pay $250.000 for $1 play

for $2 you get $500.000

for $5 you get $1.250.000

and for $10 a game for 10/10 numbers you get $2.500.000



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Try this. Keep track of this:

Analysis of numbers drawn 12-5:



Let's take Digit '0'. Numbers with '0' drawn was 20 & 40.

You are left with 10,30,50,60,70. Good chance that 1 or more from this group will fall next.

Let's say you decided to play 10 & 70. If neither comes out, keep it in the next draw. I have

a lot to say but I'll stop here so you can take this idea in and try for yourself. Good Luck!



this is interesting to look at it.

I did try other things but never this way....


Thank you I will try :)



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In response to Kostya

Do you play 10 of 10? What do you play? How many spots do you regularly play? That's important because getting a 10 of 10 is astronomical (but possible). I have another idea once I know how many spots you play and how many lines you play. By the way, do they use 'real balls' or RNG? Here they use 'real balls'.


from what I know they USE A REAL BALLS.

I usually play 7 and 8 combinations


01 02 03 04 05 06 07

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08


or sometimes I pick 4 HOT numbers and I play like this


01 02 03 04 22 33 44 55  (could be any number)

01 02 03 04 23 34 45 56 (usually different numbers from the 4 I pick on the first line)


10 of 10 is astronomical (but possible)...   I KNOW :)  anything is possible, just need to pick the CORRECT 10 numbers. lol

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Now that I know what you play, let try a 7 spot and let me show you how I would approach the game. First make a

a table like this:

This is a 7 spot table with 4 lines to play. (Just focus on the midday draw).


Now let's look at this comparison before you choose which number to play.


so little information with this two charts.

for example 12--5 3-3 and 12--4 3-0  or 12--5 6-3 and 12--4 6-0  right away I notice this.... when a something HIT 0 times :)))  next day it HITS 3



need to go back and make this chart bigger with more information.  that MAY help

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In response to Kostya

After I typed a lot more information it got lost!!!! I took to long to edit the post.Mad

Now I have to type it again!!!!!! I'm tired. Maybe I'll retry. My brain is tired.



we learn something new every day... you showed me something that I will defiantly apply to my picks and see what we will profit.

I'll share my experiences.


Keep in touch.


Thank you :)

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In response to jackpotismine

I can't remember everything I typed but I'll try.

Let's look at the chart I posted comparing 12-5 & 12-4 draws.

As you can see from my previous post, on 12-4 the digit group 3 (3-13-23-33-43-53-63-73) there was 'zero' numbers selected.

The same was for digit group8 (8-18-28-38-48-58-68-78). However, the next day 3 from each group was selected. Always keep an eye out on this 'pattern'. That's one of the tips.

Secondly, compare the last 2 draws. Notice that on 12-5 &12-4 digits from group5 & 8 was only selected 1 time. There is a very good chance that group5 & 8 will have at least 1-3 numbers selected from that group for the next draw. However if 'zero' is selected then look out for at least 3-4 numbers from that group to fall the following draw.

Thirdly, keep track which number from that group drops. For example on12-5 you had 3 numbers from group 3 selected. They  were 13-33 & 43. So what we have left are 3-13-23-53-63-73. Don't get me wrong. Numbers will repeat so look at which numbers tend to repeat. There is always a pattern in ALL lottery games. You just have to find it. ROFL Only you can do the homework using your own thinking and gut feeling. Look into 'wheeling' your numbers if your budget permits it or try using 1-2 power numbers (numbers that show in each line you play).

This is my thinking on this keno thing. Hope it helps. Keep me posted how you're doing. Good Luck!

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Holy Sh*t! I just notice that your Keno game is only 1-70 numbers as opposed to 1-80 numbers most Keno games have. Do you know what this means? It means your odds are much, much better! Hurray!Hurray!Hurray!Hurray!

So just disregard anything above 70 I posted. I would suggest you stick to the midday first and focus on that.

Here's my 2 lines 7 spot pick for 12-6 midday:



Good Luck if you play my picks.

My fourth tip is to look at how many of the group of tens was drawn. For example. 1-9,10-19,20-29,30-39,40-49,50-59,60-70. Last midday (12-5)numbers had:

2 from the 20's, 5 from the 30's, 3 from the 40's, etc. You get the point.

By keeping track of this you can play more from one group and less of the others. For example the 30's had 5 numbers. There's a good chance for the next draw they won't draw 5 from this group again. Maybe 1 or 2 numbers.

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Here's tip number 5. Let's say you play these lines:



and the 8-15-31 was drawn, for the next draw keep the numbers that

weren't selected and play them for the next draw. Don't change these numbers. Select new numbers to substitute those that were drawn using tips 1 through 4. Try this strategy for a little while to see if it works for you.

Good Luck!

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