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Hi there...

It's been a long time since I've posted anything new here.

I was just wondering if any members here still tinker around with the Smart Luck Gold Software from the late Gail Howard. 

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In response to L J1

Most here use or develope their own systems,.. I frown at her sales tactics,.. Dividing up what should be 1 complete set of the software into separate tiers of the associated methods, each for $79.95.

I only know 1 person that uses it (Gold), they won a Fantasy 5 jackpot,.. but eventually went broke, lost their house..!!

So, maybe it does work.. I don't use it,.. and the lottery laughs at her book of wheels, when used...

Didnt know she'd passed away.. !! what from?, if you happen to know..

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In response to Stat$talker

Gail Howard's cause of death didn't appear in her obit. (Not the one I read anyway)

I use her Advantage Gold software, and I've had some success using it.  I've never won a jackpot with or without it.  It will help you win a lot of "Free Tickets" - 2 matching numbers, some three matching numbers, and a few 4 matching numbers. I base that comment on the results I've had using it as compared to other people I know that don't have/use it.  I typically won more small prizes more frequently than they did. 

A guy I know had it installed on his computer, but that computer eventually died. When he replaced it, he did not buy Gail Howard's software to load on his new computer.  His comment to me was "I was winning more often back when I had Gail Howard's software than I am now."  He did win a Pick 5 jackpot of approximately $70,000, but I never asked him if he had used Gail's software when he won it.  For all I know, he may have won that jackpot with a quick pick.

I also had Lotto Pro installed on my machine.  I would not offer an opinion on which software is better.  They both have their pro's and con's. G5

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In response to GiveFive

That's one of the several things I use, ..for no 1 software as yet, will tell you ALL the things you need to be aware of in this business of Gambling..

I keep re-iterating that it's NOT the Software that predicts my numbers, it's the Math...but I get ragged alot here for it.. but really it's just envy..!! Bash

I have thought about checking out GH's "Master Lottery Guide" ..I mean , I incorporate a few of her free tips that she offered.. they are informative...knowledge is Power..!!



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In response to GiveFive

One thing I neglected to put in my post above is that in addition to what Howard's software tells you, it doesn't hurt if you have a fair amount of good luck too.  Although Gail Howard calls that "dumb luck"... G5

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In response to Stat$talker

I have a copy of The Lottery Master Guide and read it cover to cover. 

Definitely a lot of good information in it, but I would say that you'll get more out of it if you have her Advantage Gold software because she makes reference's to it a lot it in the book.  You're right, she does a lot of selling of her other products in the book.  It's her book and she can put whatever she wants in it, but I already had the software before I bought the book.  And I agree, knowledge is power.  I'm a smarter lottery player due to Gail Howard. G5

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Thanks for the comments.

I see what you mean Stat$, many members use their own system.

I would have to agree with GiveFive, I too have won many 2/5's, 3/5's and very few 4/5's using the software in the past. It's fun to analyze charts.

I don't know what she passed away from, however it was several years ago. 

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In response to L J1

If someone was to ask me if I think SmartLuck's software will help me win a jackpot, I'd have to say that's a definite maybe.

Sure, it works well for winning small prizes, but that elusive 5 out of 5 is a whole different story.  As I said above, in addition to SmartLuck, you'll very likely need some dumb luck too. 

Here's how I use SmartLuck for Florida Fantasy5.  SmartLuck tells me that #17 is the top hitter of 2020. So I give #17 extra play.  I consider it a "free number". If it's actually drawn, then I only need to match four numbers to win a jackpot. The odds of matching four numbers on my ticket are 1 in 2,432.  To match five numbers the odds are 1 in 376,922.  So you as can see that's quite a reduction, but even with that drastic reduction beating 1 in 2,432 odds isn't an easy thing to do. Another thing SmartLuck revealed to me is that since July 16, 2001, the day Florida Fantasy5 started, there have been 55 drawings where a set of five winning numbers was drawn for the second time.  There's no way anybody could know that without SmartLuck software. Experts say that shouldn't happen, but it did.  Why did it happen?  I dunno.  I just know that it's a fact.   

Maybe I'll win big, maybe I wont.  It hasn't happened yet, and I don't hold my breath waiting for it to happen.  If nothing else, analyzing the charts in SmartLuck is entertaining and enhances my enjoyment of my hobby of playing the lottery.  G5

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Perhaps you will Big some day GiveFive as time will tell.

If you don't mind, I'd like to bounce some ideas from the charts and get some feed back. Shoot me a PM here and maybe we can figure something out if you're interested.


Hello ...

  Just thought I would post about Gail Howard's Smart Luck Advantage Gold program. I decided to buy the program finally. I have read about it for years and GiveFive has mentioned it many times through the years in his various posts.

I don't know if I will benefit from the program but I decided to give it a try. They have a special $20 off Black Friday promo coupon at the web site so I made a quick decision, since it was already early Saturday - just a few hours ago to buy the program. There was no expiration date on the coupon so how long it will be good after Black Friday, not sure.

I decided with the coupon code the purchase price was reasonable and worth a try. Now the big question ... will I actually win some lottery money with it? ... as always, time will tell !


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I believe to win prizes with any software program or strategy, it takes a lot of patience, and positive believing in your approach to the game(s).

That's the beautiful thing about the Lottery Post website. It's truly amazing to read of other members and their ideas towards the different games. When I look at the prediction board here on the site, and the top 10 predictors, obviously they're doing something right to hold the top ten status.

Congrats on the purchase of the Smart Luck AG software. I find it a lot of fun to work with. I had thought about purchasing other lotto software, but I enjoy working with this one for now.

With enough time, perhaps I can be one of the members that hold the top 10 in predictions. Of course I need to start predicting first.


In response to L J1

Yes, I'm anxious to work with it. Most of my lottery play is across state lines in MA with the Mass Cash game.

They opened that game to anyone in the US in July 2018 ... it's 35 numbers and I play several sets of numbers 5 or 6 times. Since July 2018 I have hit 4 out of 5  numbers four times, just hit two weeks ago for $1,500 - six $250 checks were mailed to me.

Hoping for the five number hit soon ... will either get $500,000 or $600,000 or nothing ... all luck, but the Mass Cash game has very good odds for a jackpot win.

The dumb game in PA  ... Cash 5 has 43 numbers and I can't even get two numbers just to win a dollar back.

I only play it when the jackpot is $700,000 to a million dollars and sometimes I don't bother. It's hard to get two numbers, even if I buy 20 tickets, not one winner.


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In response to Concord

One thing I would say about Advantage Gold that I forgot to mention in previous posts...

On a different laptop that I no longer have, I also had Lotto Pro installed on it in addition to Advantage Gold.  It provided me with exactly the same info as AG, except it presented that info in a different format.

I didn't have a preference for one or the other, one is as good as the other.  One disadvantage Lotto Pro had was that you had to pay an annual subscription fee so as to be able to download results from all states lotteries. The download/updating of all states lotteries results is free with SmartLuck. 

I never paid any subscription fees to Lotto Pro.  Not because SmartLuck was free, rather because I was only interested in one particular game from The NY Lottery, I simply went into Lotto Pro and updated that particular game manually.  Yes, you have to stay on top of it if you dont want to have to manually enter data for a lot of different dates. (For instance to catch up after not updating it manually each day for two weeks or longer) 

When I finally tossed away my old laptop and bought a new one, I loaded my copy of AG on to it, but I dont know what happened to my copy of Lotto Pro, so it never got loaded on my new machine.  G5

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I agree. When I was using the DOS version Advantage Plus (AP), before the Gold was released, I would try to update the past drawings when i was tired after a long day. The next day after plenty of rest, I'd look at the updated work, and say WTF!! how did this happen... transposed numbers, entered the right drawing into the wrong date, it was a mess.

Gold updates itself, when you run the updater.

There was a few errors I found in the updates in Gold, missing draw, a few repeat draws. After I made a phone call to Tech Support, the issues were resolved.

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In response to Concord

Congrats on the wins Concord.

The MA35 seems like great game to play. I hope you enjoy the new software.

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In response to Stat$talker

Glad you bought SLAG and pointed out the problem.  You did every licensee a favor.  Thanks.  G5

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In response to L J1

I only use AG for chart 6.  Skip chart.  I do most of my analysis in excel.  Especially my custom "combinatoric" variables.  Most of Gayles pitch for the program was the bias in odd/even and for low high.  I almost never see a bias so i began to NOT use those charts.

I am a little partial to AP for some reason.  But my flash drive crapped out, and I have not bothered to replace it.

Funny thing about advantage gold is its little quirks. 

For example in one state I was contacted regarding an 8 odd bias, and when analysing the data the odd even bias history has a column graph.  But in my state it only has a table.  Why? I am more partial to the picture than the actual data.  I guess I can add that question to the other 15 i have for Mr. Hicks.

Maybe the program name could be changed to Anamoly Gold?

My workout and manual update in excel takes about 1 hour.  That is even before i have made any lines.  So i usually I am not even motivated to do any more work in the smart luck program.

If I am on Twitter, or watching Agent 17 videos, than my excel workout can be drawn out to 1 and 1/2 hours. (Gina Carano is trending with Cancel disney plus BTW.)

I have to go on a YT and Twitter fast.  And today I tried to do just that.

With the new found extra time, I did a full A to Z chart workout in Adv Gold.  I did 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D.  Then I hit a wall.  I had to stop and take a break.

The TGGC does not have the bar charts anymore.  So there is a lot of reading within that chart to understand the bias. Four different tables I think.  And reading the pop up hints, to try and make head or tails of what I am looking at is tiresome.

What I like about Gold is the ability to export data into excel.  I have tried exporting most chart from different states.  But I keep on running into those dang anamolies.  Which then I have to fix.  Or just abandon the export all together.


Take the chart 4b for example.  In my opinion the 4b is the holy grail chart of the program.  I first exported 4b from SLAP many years ago.  A member from the Old Facebook group walked me through it.  It was around 5 steps.  I dont know if I could do it now.  I rearranged the data into what I think is the best for me.

The 4b is read from left to right as most of you know.  The export was messy and time consuming to rearrange but I did it and won a 4/6 with the new layout in only 5 lines.

But in Gold the layout of the export is different than the gooey in gold.  When exported it reads from right to left.  Just the like the small hats books.  Its very annoying.

Nowadays I dont really bother as I can make a 4b chart using filters in excel, and honestly I am a little embarrassed it took me so long to figure out how to do it.

In my game i have made a modified 4b for number 1 to 19 so far.  But that is flying half blind.  During my YT and Twitter fast, I hope to finally finish 20 to 39 in preparation for the spring.


When I can automate the mod I will share it. 

Chart 4 is my favorite in gold, but limited in scope.  I have one in excel.  Top to bottom.

In case people dont know what the 4b is here is an example.  It reads left to right.  Chart 4, 4a, and 4b are all related.


Whenever I start my workout, I always print out 4b.  You have to find the streaks and the dormant periods.  The challenge is how do you define your algorithms, and what algorithm works best for which game.  Is their a standard?  Perhaps.

After printing i do my pattern recognition with colors.  But to print out say 8187 draw of 4b  data is going to be unmanageable to analyze.  I usually only print 180 as it easy to see hot and cold numbers plainly. 

The regular 4b works decent IMO if you reduce the range to perhaps 90 to 180 draws.

I make a custom 4b-mod for 720 draws as that is all you really need to find a trend.  With that I got a good pin on what is more likely to exhaust out.  And if I am really confused I may go back 1440 with a modified 4b to find symmetry in the bottoms.  After 1440 draws I find things begin to become unmanageable and too time consuming.  For me anyways.

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Hi, all users of AG:

As we know, deleting some loser numbers should be easier than finding some winning numbers in general.

But I'm not sure if we can eliminate some loser #s safely by using AG? If so, how can you do that in detail?


In response to lottoburg

Sure, get to recognize what the winning numbers in your "game of choice" tend to do, then track back through history to see what they don't do (or almost never do) and then you can (most of the time) eliminate those numbers fairly safely.

For instance, on Chart 3 (Quick Stats) are there L10 values that the winning numbers in your game never have? (i.e. does an L10 value of 5 tend to hit in your game)? On Chart 4 (Drawings Since Hit), are there patterns that your game's winning numbers never have? (I have heard some people complain that Flag formations are never winners in their game). On Chart 5 (Multiple Hit Pattern), are there Double Hit Ratio values that winning numbers in your game never have? Or maybe in your game when a number shows a "Hit 3 Times" of 2, it's never a winner.

You get where I'm going with this. . .

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In response to WhatAreTheOdds

Thanks for your great points!

I do hope you can make some induction and summary in detail for that further

based on your experiences.

Then take it as a very strong and smart strategy in using AG.

Looking forward to your more great points about that. 

Best regards

In response to lottoburg

There are probably value ranges or patterns in every chart that seldom (if ever) hit. Go through the history of your game and find them. Cause if you don't learn how to recognize them by yourself, you're likely going to miss other opportunities in AG (for both winning and losing ranges and patterns). It is not in your best interest for me to tell you in detail about which Charts yield me the greatest number of possible eliminations, because the games I play are likely different than the games you play.

Take the time to study the AG charts, and discover possible eliminations for yourself. Or, at the least, listen to what other players complain about regarding AG. Many have said that the Flag formations never hit. Many have said that the Smart Picks never hit - so use that tip to look at the game you play and see where the Smart Picks are the LEAST useful, and examine the possibility of using some of those to narrow your field of play each draw. And read through this forum and see what other complaints people have had about AG and see if those also yield you some ideas about what values/patterns to investigate for possible elimination.

Personally, I have found that I can usually eliminate 5-10 numbers every draw, based on Chart 4 and Chart 6. But that is likely because I have a different way of looking at patterns than was originally described by Gail in the Lottery Master Guide. If you want to expand your ability to see new patterns in AG, download a completely different game than what you usually play, and examine how it looks. If you usually play a 5/45 or a 6/49, try downloading a Pick-10/Keno game (AG lets you download any game), and see how much different the patterns look. Then (after some deep examination) go back to your own game and see if the different patterns or ranges you saw in the other game ever show up in your game - and when they do, do they tend to hit or miss? If examining the value ranges and patterns in another game gives you clues about what might be a winner in your game, that is great. If examining the value ranges and patterns in another game gives you clues about what might be a loser in your game, that is also great.

Do you know what value ranges and patterns in each chart tend to hit in your game - do you know what values and patterns usually lead to the winning numbers? Cause if you don't know what the winners look like, you may not be able to recognize the losers either. Look more deeply at what each chart is telling you about value ranges and patterns that tend to hit, and those that almost never hit. Take the time to do this - it definitely won't be an overnight process, but it should be worth the investment of your time. Take notes, go back through history, study the value ranges and patterns deeply. This process is like an onion, you'll peel off one layer and think you've found all you can find, and then surprisingly, you'll notice even more value ranges and patterns that you never saw before and dive even deeper.

And by doing this kind of deep study of your game history using the charts, you'll also be able to recognize when an anomaly is occurring that you can take advantage of. Sometimes the biggest wins are when the numbers take an abnormal turn (or make a correction as Gail would say), and you will be able to see it and pounce on it. But first you have to be able to recognize what typically wins, what typically loses, and what is so unusual that it may be worth playing.


Hello .. please I need can I win 5/ 90 lotto sytems ???

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In response to WhatAreTheOdds

Hi, WhatAreTheOdds:

Thanks for your detailed reply!

However, it's not easy to become a working strategy by using the idea.

Could you explain them clearly by using a real example from your games?

Best regards,

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Upon exploring SLAG, I will admit that it contains a multitude of research angles to look at and analyze your game of choice.. as long as you keep in mind that EVERY game behaves differently.. and as has been mentioned before about some of SLAG's charts, they most likely will not be used...

Its "skip/Hit Patterns" chart's descriptive terms , such as cascade, reverse-cascade, double-bottom"..etc for me?, seems out of touch with comparable Statistical mirroring processes.. and seems more akin to descriptions associated with ranging from a video game's special effects, to some container with an inner and outter hull..for lack of a more suitable analogy...but as logicless as designating A point in the circumference of a "circle"as the "middle"..!

That may account for user's complaints that "they" never hit..! for it's not derived from an actual Statistical measurement/association..

But overall, SLAG comes closer to being a more complete lottery software than most I've encountered..more like the "WINDOWS" of lottery software..IMO



In response to Stat$talker

Yes, "EVERY game behaves differently", which is why each person has to check out their own game for themselves, if they really want to know what works and what doesn't work for their game. The Lottery Master Guide is a great start, but you can take the game beyond it, if you so choose.

Here are a couple of examples:

You can go beyond the original patterns described for Chart 6 Skip & Hit, and make up some of your own definitions. If in your game you discover that 6 skips followed by 4 skips (X123456X1234X) almost ALWAYS hits, then give it a new name, and look forward to using it in the future to make your selections. But, if you discover that 6 skips followed by 4 skips NEVER hits but always continues on to have several more skips (like X123456X123456789X), then give it a new name, and perhaps consider it an opportunity in the future to eliminate the number with a 6skip-4skip pattern from your play list for that draw.

The same thing goes for other charts. In Chart D Trailing Numbers, do you find that for the most part, at least one of the top numbers listed will hit in the next draw, when you have your settings (Sensitivity and Skips) tweaked a certain way? Or do you find, that in spite of what the Lottery Master Guide says, you NEVER get a hit from the top range of numbers, with those settings? If it is something that NEVER hits for you, then you might also consider this an opportunity to eliminate a number from your play list for the upcoming draw, when the same conditions occur.

For anyone who does not know, you can easily track back through your history file, by clicking on the minus (-) key on the right side of your keyboard. Doing so will not only show you previous draws, but will highlight the numbers that ended up winning (with an asterisk). This gives you a way to quickly page through weeks/months of draws in just seconds, to see if your theory holds true back through the history of your game.

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In response to Stat$talker

Gail Howard was at one time a Stockbroker which is why some of the charts/graphs have a financial look and feel to them.

As for some of the terms she came up with like "Flag formation", "reverse cascade", they never made much sense to me either.  I think a double bottom is a Wall Street term, but I could be wrong about that.

I have settled upon my own personal way of using SLAG... I suppose I could even use it more effectively if I really dug into all of it's nooks and cranny's, but I'm happy with what I've been doing and haven't bother to put the pedal to the metal.  Who knows? Maybe some day I will.  G5

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In response to GiveFive

You are correct. Double Bottom is a term, or was a term used on Wall St.

Before using SLAG & SLAP, I performed all my research with paper and pencil and wondered why certain patterns were forming in a pick 6 game when the drawings were still mechanical, before RNG.

I'd see patterns forming that I use to call "A number is coming in for a Landing" or "Bridging the Gap"

As I work with the SLAG in Chart 4, I'd see the connection with a number coming in for a landing correlating with the GH term "Reverse Cascade"

After a while that number coming in for a landing or Reverse Cascade was becoming more active with less skips and more hits. 

Working in Chart 6, "Bridging the Gap" is an explanation to me when I see a number being out many drawings or several drawings for that matter and the distance between two hits is bridged by a hit in the center or very close to the center.

Example would be:

Say a number, number 12, or any number for that matter is 24 games out. When viewing Chart 6, I see number 12 hitting and skipping along the way in the Chart 6, and let's say it is currently 24 games out, But... it has had only one hit after skipping 20 drawings and it also has only one hit hitting after 28 drawings with no hits between the 20 and the 28 skips.

If, and that's a Big If... that number 12 comes in at the 24 skip, that would be considered what I call "Bridging the Gap"

On some occasions, i have noticed patterns like this that form, Hit.

The patterns still form from time to time now that many pick 5 and pick 6 draw games are RNG, with a computer drawing the winning numbers.


Look at the claims about the Gail Howard software. Divide the ammount supposidly won by the number of claimed winners. Some won more some won less but it does give you an idea of what to expect. I read the book and apply the ideas presented in the book to a spreadsheet so you can backtest and see what acrually happens in the lottery you play. Keep in mind of how much the software costs. You might want to test out some of the idea before buying.

In response to Mr-B 216

Mr-B 216,

You originally posted this a few months back. I'm wondering if using the Wheel 5 software worked out well for you? Do you have any tips you might want to share, especially regarding the Optimize option? I have the Wheel 6 software, but so far I have not figured out how to use the various options.

In response to WhatAreTheOdds

To be honest, I have not used SLAG nor Wheel 5 much at all. The few times I did use it, I won very little, maybe a few 2/5 wins at best. That's not to say both programs are useless, I just prefer using my own program. My main reason for purchasing SLAG / Wheel 5 was more to check and verify the data in my program.

When I do use a wheel, it's a custom wheel based on a Bluskov wheel, filtered with my program data. So far this month, I've had (45) 2/5, (7) 3/5, and (2) 4/5 wins for a net profit of $365 ($350 spent, $715 won). I don't know how long my current win streak will last, but filtered wheeling is a must for me. IMO, ANY wheel is better than no wheel.

For example, let's say I use a Bluskov abbreviated 16 number, 132 line wheel. From there, my program will filter out the lines that don't meet certain criteria, and I'll usually end up with anywhere from say 15 to 30 lines to play.

My suggestion is to experiment with the optimize options in Wheel 6 and see which works best for you. I would also try not entering your numbers to wheel in numerical order. Mix them up a bit and see if you get better spread/sum totals.

Good Luck!

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