NY Lottery Instant Ticket payout spreadsheet (updated daily.)

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Hello to all my fellow Lottery Posters, specifically those in the state of New York.  I recently made a spreadsheet with the four instant ticket games that came out this month, their current odds, and their current expected value.  The link is in the signature.

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UPDATE: Due to the NYL website not updating the prizes remaining on their scratch-offs, the spreadsheet might not be updated today.

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UPDATE: I'm taking a break for my birthday.

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Hi JemFan777, here in Fl they used to only post remaining top prizes, but a little ago added all prize levels so now EV and related analytics can be had much more easily than before.  The new app even appears to have remaining prizes updated real-time.

Best of luck and Happy BD!!


Could me get information on receive larger amount of scratch tickets. Who and whats involve. I got a contact of a name who won and I show them the ability of all 5 in same month but no response .


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