North Carolina Keno

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I enjoy Keno. Maybe more than pick 3 now

I play 4 spot at $5 a draw and I pick 11-17 have have the computer quick pick the last two

I have been lucky so far with this method

I have won $375.00 a dozen times or so


I thought I'd never see anyone from NC talking about Keno.. finally!  I've been playing keno since early last year, I've had some good luck - (and some real bad luck brought on by my own addiction to it) 

I normally pkay 5 spots 20 draws $1/draw ($20 ticket) 

I do have a set of digits that are ny go-to's, and have hit 20+ times $420 ea. Then I've also had decent luck on multiplyers with 4 spots @ $1/draw. Most I've pulled in over a day is $1500 or so (tax free since all were $500 or less) 


I am in the charlotte area, what part of nc are you in?

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High Point

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My goal is to hit a 5 spot at $10 with multiplier, so a $20 ticket

that would be $42,000

i would pick 11-17 and quick pick the rest

the 10X multiplier has a 1:80 chance and having 11-17 in the same drawing will require a lot of luck, but I feel it coming

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