Predict one number in lotto game (5 or 6)

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Do you know a method or a way to predict one number in lotto game (5 or 6) based on past draws?.

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This is one way of using past results for predicting ONE Number.

Select how many past results you want to use. (2, 5, 10 or more)

Count how many times each number shows up and use the number that
has shown up the most or the number that shows up the least.

You decide.

I'm sure others will pop in with other methods.

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It's close to a 55/45 chance one or two numbers from the previous draw will appear in the next draw.  Problem is we don't know which one(s) so we have to work all five or six into our play.  The alternative is to go with the 45% chance none of the previous draws numbers will appear, so if we take them off the board, when this choice proves correct a huge number of combinations are eliminated.  When this choice is not correct it will be impossible to win a jackpot. 

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In response to Geodesic

That technique is akin to Gail Howard's..! Which is like casting a numerical net in the Lottery stream of past drawings to see what you catch.. which is not fruitionally's not extremely bad, but it's just not the best method...

Only Probability Math will consistently point out that which is most it did when it predicted Pwrball (red bonus ball)# 18 awhile back and I posted it, that had been dormant for over 50 games or more..!! ( in the topic "Predicting Winning Numbers..!!, Fact or Fiction?..!!")..

as well as other precise winning number most cases that are back to back drawings of the same, it is posted proof that the Math is no joke..!!

No NoThere are those who seek to imitate it, but never duplicate it..



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A good predicter will have the very first digit that come out correct.Its not so easy as you can have numerous numbers that have that criteria on every draw.Is it possible?...yes.Is it easy? No

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