Funniest Lottery Stories? LMAO! :D


There was a Woman who won The Lottery. It was like 20 million. She IMMEDIATELY quit her job, tthinking she was 20 million dollars richer now(Minus Taxes and feed, so more like 16 million) and then The Lottery Representatives told her,"You actually get the Winnings Check in 30 days." She horrified IMMEDIATELY went back to her job she JUST quit and begged for her job back. LMAO! :D

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Green laugh You gotta wait till you get the check, in case something happens. 

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That is horrible. I know I wouldn't make that same move, unless I had something secured.
I hope though that she's ok now.

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I remember this story. She was a Spanish TV reporter and quit her job on the air only to find out she only won $5500 from EL Grado the Spanish lottery not $20 million.

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"You actually get the Winnings Check in 30 days."

And according to that she knew exactly how much she won. Doesn't sound like she only won $5500.

I'm pretty sure she could get a voucher from the lottery and easily get a loan to hold her over until she gets the big check. Many lotteries transfer the money electronically. I guess what's funny is the person not understanding what happens when someone wins a major jackpot.

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I was talking about another Woman in my OP, although the Woman ypu are talking about is even MORE foolish, considering that she only won $5500. The Woman in my OP won like 20 million.

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It's always some "schmuck" that doesn't have clue as to what to do with that kinda money, that wins...!!

No Nod  Obviously she didnt realize that she could've still gone out and gotten pretty much anything she'd be intresting to see how she's faired since..

Probably's not too good if she went and begged for her old job back,.. when only " 30 days away" from a $20 Million playoff..!! LOL

Ayeee,..Smash I'm only "1 digit away" from a $$ Million payoff... Wonder if I can get a loan...!! Green laugh



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Lady in my town quit her job. No reason to stay after hitting 78 mill, Powerball. 

Sure she had to wait 6 weeks. No worries as she was married, and hubby had already carried the family budget just fine . 


I don't find mockery humourous.

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The funny part is the Woman in my OP quitting her job and then immediately begging for it back as soon as she found out she wouldn't be getting the 20 millions before taxes and fees until one month later. She was impulsive and reckless.

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I Agree!In addition Mocking someone is a sin because it has the following implicit components: Judging your victim to be "Lesser" than your standards - Looking down upon creation. Refusing to accept the good besides a weakness in the victim by Focusing on the negative!

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Most people don't find mocking someone funny unless they are suffering from a severe case of "jackpot envy". They never won a dime but will tell us they would spend the winnings. 

I know two guys that split a $20 million jackpot and had to wait about six weeks to collect and like the lady in your town, they did just fine.

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Definition of schadenfreude:The taking of amusement, entertainment, joy, pleasure, satisfaction or solace, from the misfortune of others usually perceived to deserve it. i.e.: just desserts

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