Asked to scan id to play Ga lotto



  Has anyone ever had anyone to ask for their ID when playing Ga lottery? Not only asked for id...she attempted to scan it...?? This happened yesterday near WalMart on Anvil Block.



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In response to cashflow1

Unless it was made public in your state that this was something new the lottery had set up, then I would contact law enforcement .

You may have been the victim of identity theft my friend.

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In response to cashflow1

The grocery store lottery machines make you scan your ID before you can play.

Good luck all.

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In response to cashflow1

I can see the reason a stand alone lottery ticket dispensing machine would require you to scan your ID, so to ensure against possibly a minor illegally buying lottery tickets..,  Disapprove but if, unless you look extremely young, I fail to see why a store clerk would ask for your ID, before allowing you to buy a lottery ticket..!!

It does raise red flags.Yes Nod..I've never had such a request asked of me before,... and wouldn't have complied anyway..!! ROFL



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Makes me wonder if the lottery machine in our local supermarket has that capability?  Though it being in clear sight of the courtesy desk might allow that feature to be turned off so as not to tick off a thousand old people to catch one kid.  That can't be good for business.

BobP Type

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In response to BobP

I take it you haven't seen a teen in a old geezer get-up trying to buy booze at the supermarket.

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In response to cottoneyedjoe

It was so much easier back in the day when you only had to be 18. Cheers

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