Big Bouncy's October Surprize HitList!

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AceKicka$ Bouncy's Oct Surprize HitList

  $$$       Cool          White Bounce          Cool      $$$

 123 - 647 - 071 - 296 - 789 - 782 - 804

 847 - 596 - 506 - 981 - 237 - 297 - 519

 971 - 673 - 567 - 219 - 477 - 622 - 455

 077 - 044 - 110 - 010 - 353 - 565 - 155

  $$$      Cheers       Drum     Green laughThumbs Up       $$$

Party    Lep      US Flag    Lep      Party

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Lurking ... wtg, Big Bouncy. You got your 8 hits tonight!

White Bounce ... thanks Popcorn Kid! It's been a good week.


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Evil Uhh .... hey Bouncy, I heard that you did a'ight with a quick pick recently.

White Bounce ...Yes sir, sure did Lil Demon Jr IV.

That was sick! I'm gonna try it again 2.

Evil Uhh ... dang man, you really cookin wif

some wood, now!  Hurray!

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Spam .... you got 4 hits so far with 3 slots remaining before halftime, Big Bouncy. Not 2 bad.

White Bounce .... yeah, I just checked Spam The Sham.

We'll pick up the pace tonight!.... Drum    Smash

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Goof ... hey Bouncy, I think you better let me take over. Only 1 more? That's only 5 hits so far. LOL 

White Bounce .... ok Killa Clown. If you think you can do better.... go ahead! Your turn!  ...... Smash

Goof .... just stand back and watch this clown get down!

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Jack-in-the-Box ... yo yo yoMon, Killa....rememba, you have not but 27slots remaining. It's a tricky ting, Mon.

Goof ... we'll see, JokerMon. Maybe I should've waited til tomar.

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No Pity! ...uh-oh, only 15 slots remaining!  White Bounce

Goof ... Chill out, dude. You wanna try this?


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Jack-in-the-Box ... 9 slots, 7 hits, Mon. Can you get tree more?

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Turkey .... dah, I counted 8 hits last night. That was quite entertaining. Not bad, Killa ...... for a clown.

Goof ....What was that, BUTTABALL?? I'll deal with you a little later! 

Turkey ....dah, I didn't say nuthin!

Group Hug .... ok guys, cut it out. You did good Killa. This is what we'll do... KC, you'll have today all to yourself. Then we'll average out your hits for Mon and Tues. Will that work 4 you, 


White Bounce ...sure, let it roll. I ain't afraid of no clown!

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Lurking ... I'll tell ya what.... Killa's off to a HMadT start already!

     Spam       Rant       Coffee      Hit With Stick  .... go Killa! go Killa! .......

Bed... ZZzzzomebody zzay zzumpin bout a gorilla?   ZZZZZZzzzzxxxzzzz!

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Agree with stupid .... 8 hits and 3 slots remaining before halftime! 

White Bounce .... Hey!  those hits are supposed to be mine! 

Group Hug .... remember Bouncy, you agreed. 

White Bounce ... oh alright. This ain't over Killa!

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Jack-in-the-Box .... hey Mon, me wonda do Killa tink dat he was done for today? Where he go?

Hat .... maybe he's just being fashionably late

Lurking .... Killa's gonna kill his average.

White Bounce  ...leave him alone. Don't tell him nuthin!

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Lurking  ...... time is ticking, gang. 27slots remaining. 

Will the clowncome out to play? Who knows??

Drum .... we'll soonfind out!!

White Bounce

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Lurking ...... well, finally! 10 hits with 17 slotsremaining. Does he have anything left?

No Pity!... near bout Hammer-Time!   Drum ......

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No Pity! ..... Sho nuffHammer-Time,Killa! Smash  Smash

Only 9 slots remaining! Whatcha got?? Drum

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