a real legit first position key number for pick 3

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Hi everyone this is my first post.


I have a real legit pick 3 key digit secret that will get you the first position key digit for straight wins!!


I have only tested it in Georgia. Is anyone here from Georgia?


I will prove to you that it works!

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anyone on this forum from Georgia?

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In response to pick3digit

Yes ga

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hi Kelpat do you play cash 3?

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watch Georgia cash 3 very soon for the first position key digit it will be 2 or 4. 

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If that's true,

you can play all numbers that start with 2's and all numbers that start with 4's

and you still come out on top.


how do you determine this?


So what is the system please?

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Georgia has 3 Cash 3 draws. That means that odds are that one of the numbers will fall 0-9. In order to prove that your system works, you have to be specific which draw. Is it Midday?Evening?Night? Otherwise it's like those posters that post 'All States' (of which there are 50).

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but even if it's guaranteed correct with unknown time of the day,

and you bet on Evening, Day and Night with 2 digits that's still 600 and if payout of is 900 then you're still on top.

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yep go GA!!!

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In response to pick3digit


Just so you're aware, the Systems forum is for describing a system, so if you plan to describe it please do so, but if your purpose is to discuss Georgia Pick 3 in general, then I'll need to move this thread to the Pick 3 forum.  Please let me know which route you want to take.


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For the next first position key digits 2 and 4 play the number pairs below with keeping the 2 and 4 in first position.


23           45      49

25           46

28           47

29           48


47 and 29 are the top two pairs!!

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In response to pick3digit



Whats next with this system. I'm trying to figure out what you are doing?

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The cash 3 number for Ga midday draw was 25


25 was one of my front straight pairs I posted!!

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