Oregon Megabucks 2020

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Well I decided to do $2 QP's from Lottery Post's Quick Pick Generator for my Four lines for this Saturday Night the 19th of September 2020.  Here are the Four lines I am playing tomorrow:





The Jackpot is $2.0 million dollars annuity and $1.0 million Cash option here in Oregon.-weshar75

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I'm hoping when I have some free time that I can drive to Oregon and pick up a few tickets.

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Well I had the mega ball tonight with megaplier for $6 and I am going to put my money on Oregon Megabucks for tomorrow's drawing all $6 bucks just to see if I can make my birthday weekend special.  Since I will be 45 years old on Sunday the 20th of 2020 so good luck to me I will not be posting the tickets from the $6 bucks but I will be telling everyone about my results after the drawing tomorrow night.-weshar75

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Well I had one $2 ticket and two $3 tickets for 16 lines of Oregon Megabucks tonight.  The jackpot rolled to $2.1 million Annuity and $1.05 million cash option for Monday September the 21st 2020 I will not be playing until after all my medicine is bought for this month but I will keep updating this page.  I had three one number lines and 6 two number lines but no free ticket tonight and no money in winnings tonight.  I will post the new jackpot after Monday night's drawing and new cash value.-weshar75

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Well here is my $5 Oregon Megabucks prediction from today for Monday the 21st and those playslips they are hard to read the numbers are so tiny sometimes I have to look twice at it.











This is just for fun to see if I can predict a winner for Monday night!-weshar75

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