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Had several small dreams. First I was riding with my daughter and she ran a red light and a state trooper saw her, so we pulled over and waited for him to make the block to get us. He was in plain clothes and appeared throughout my dream. He was at her house in the man cave with her husband and child, he was in my moms backyard where a flying cactus tried to hit me and I knocked it with a pillow. Then he was at a neighbors pool. Phone rang and I woke up. Might be the melatonin, but this was bizarre to me. LoL

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108*** 917***443 430 060 542** 147**138  831 712 ***004 ***612 305 876 678 817 872 406 318 790***626***6249 8872

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Thx dear. I'm expecting a repeat or her address 528. Didn't make it out to play mid. I'll try some of these eve or night

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That was the dream her bd month 3=333,  bd 3 22 1985. Finally hit one!!!!!

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