Need help to keep people alive from covid 19 so we continue lottery

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In mystical forum I explained how to manifest using pendulum called "create magical manifestation using pendulum to win lotto".

The idea is to ask for a contagious virus to eliminate covid 19 from infected people in restaurants then self terminate when the person is free of covid 19. The more people saved the less likely we will need vaccine or give them time to make more.

So what I need you to do is first ask your higher self "will you manifest what I want then stop when done" then wait until it stop spinning and is still. Next ask "I want a contagious virus that's harmless to humans to eliminate all covid 19 coronavirus from the human body in restaurants then self terminate when covid 19 infected person is cured". Then wait until pendulum becomes still. That's it. Hopefully lots of people will be cured.

If I am able to make heavy rain fall using pendulum, a anti-virus from a lot of people should be a lot simpler.

Also I am not sure what will happen to the lottery places in the world if there is not enough people to play the lottery.

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