Has lottery courier service turned into a betting platform?


I think that many members here have heard of the lottery courier service that once someone from Iraq utilized to win the Oregon Megabucks jackpot.

Has this site recently changed from a courier service into a site that only place bets on lottery outcomes?

Their latest terms of service sound like they can choose if they buy you a real lottery ticket, or if they are just placing bets on a lottery trough a bookmaker on Malta.

I'm asking because I somehow liked the idea of taking part in different lotteries worldwide, but only if it is the real thing. I wouldn't like the idea to only place a bet in a secondary lottery.

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Hummm,.. intresting... Were they in Iraq , or just from there , or both at the time of the Jackpot win?


The man who ordered the ticket was both: He was from Iraq and was in Iraq at the time of the Jackpot win as well.

The courier bought the ticket from a regular lottery retailer in Oregon on the other man's behalf.

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You mean thelotterWhat? is that the service?

I've seen advertisements on this site for years, it's the only one I know of.


Yes, I didn't mention the name because  I didn't know if it would be against the forum rules.

Other than in the past, thelotter's current terms of service include the large paragraph "winnings for bets on lotteries". This paragraph very clearly mentions that you are only placing bets on secondary lotteries which can have the same names as the official lotteries. They also write "Lottery-Style Games are provided by European Lotto and Betting Limited (“ELBL”)" - a provider that is known for running another site that is a pure betting site.

On the other hand, there is another paragraph in the terms of service, named "The Lottery Ticket Service", which says clearly that users are purchasing real tickets from real lotteries, and that his is handled by an entity called "Lotto Direct Limited".

I can't find any information in their terms of service in which cases customers are playing the real lottery, and in which cases they are only placing bets on secondary lotteries with the same names.

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Perhaps the best person to 'chime' in on this is Todd. 

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Thelotter has not changed to an online betting platform.  They buy real lottery tickets and you get a scanned copy of the lottery ticket for verification.

For example, when you play Powerball or Mega Millions, you fill out the numbers and they have a real human buy a real ticket from a real lottery retailer in the United States.

In addition to buying tickets for just yourself, they provide the opportunity for group play using real tickets, so you can basically participate in an office pool for less expensive play.

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Thanks Todd for the reply. I knew you were the one to ask.

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I see,..also was this Jackpot win pre or post Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi War?..

It's a real possibility the U.S. may've confiscated the money, or banned such a wire transfer.. if the Country was on our "unfavourable" list at the time...

Its been done at least once that I know of... Blocked what amounted in the Billions..!! Crazy


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Back in the day TheLotter booked their own bets, they only paid a percentage of the jackpots and even that had a limit.  They began buying actual tickets some time ago.  Maybe there are games they can buy tickets for and those they can't, but still want to offer wagering on.  Look at what they say they are paying or the size of their promoted jackpot compared to the actual.  Not saying anything has changed.

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It happened in 2015.

As far as I remember, they did background checks on him before letting him collect the money.

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That could be the explanation.

It looks like nowadays they are offering three types of games: lottery courier services, their own lotteries drawn by a RNG, and betting on lotteries. E.g., they have two different versions of Eurojackpot:

  • "Eurojackpot": If you select this one, they seem to buy a ticket in the real Eurojackpot lottery
  • "Eurojackpot Go!": This is their own lottery, where they draw the numbers every hour with a random number generator

I couldn't find a game on their website that looks like the customer is betting on a lottery. Maybe they are showing them only if the user's ip-address is from a country where online betting is legal.



You are wrong, for some countries they have changed to a betting platform. I live in sweden and swedish new regulations forbid them to buy real tickets to existing lotteries. They were late on applying for a new swedish license, but now they got one. I have placed bets on their site. I don't get any scanned ticket anymore also.

I can also add that in Sweden they have recieved a warning for allowing bets on Eurojackpot, this is not allowed because swedish Svenska spel is authorized to sell tickets in Sweden. The Lotter then removed Eurojackpot here in Sweden


"Betta" below means "bet" as you might have guesed.

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Sorry to hear that options are limited in your country.  (I do love everything else about Sweden!)  I'd suggest avoiding anything other than actual lottery ticket purchases.  I know that all the USA lotteries are actual lottery ticket purchases, so perhaps just stick to the USA games.



They are regulated and are granted an official license by swedish gambling authorities, if they break the rules they can be fined up to 10% or 100m euro. Some companies have been fined already in sweden (not any lottery company buy casino) So im fine with the fact that you bet on it nowadays. Powerball and Mega Millions is also betting on results in Sweden.

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