Create magical manifestation using pendulum to win lotto

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.... Ok.... Hmmm..... It is possible to manifests using pendulum....

You test by making it rain on a sunny weathercast day.


Say " will you turn clockwise to manifest and then stop turning when done". If it says yes then just ask the pendulum to make the current lottery ticket win. You can also ask how long the manifestation will take using/making dowsing a 9-day chart.


That's it.....


I thought about making a book on this but decided to share a little of it only here for winning the lottery only. This manifestation is powerful and can grant you desires quicker with white sage smudge smoke after-effects on the body. If more then one person does this together then winning the Powerball or 6/49 jackpot won't be a dream only reality.


Please please do good PLEASE............


You can share your thoughts on this.

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I forgot to mention. If in the south pole like Australia. You will need to ask the pendulum to turn counter-clockwise to manifest and stop when done because the south pole is counter-clockwise to work stuff. You can tell buy flushing the toilet or kitchen sink drainage. In Australia the water turns counter-clockwise when flushing the toilet in the south pole and north pole is clockwise turn for toilets.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention the equator zone for areas like Texas and Florida. Ask for the pendulum to swing side to side then stop when done. It can be in any direction.


And I would like to know who had success with this.

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If none of the above works, then ask your no and yes format questions like "is my name John Doe (or your name)". Whatever it swings for yes is your manifestation movement. Then it should work. If not all well. You can try one dowsing rod if the pendulum does not work. Ask dowsing rod if it will turn around to manifest then stop when done.

To manifest what you want for pendulum or dowsing rod say what you want like "I want bonus money from my job". Then wait for the manifestation movement to stop. Then let it do it's thing.

I can't use a dowsing rod so I don't know if this way works.


I will mention a warning for those using this method to hurt someone. If you try, there will be a thunderstorm or some sign indicating the manifestation failed. The method I have is extremely full of karma. So use for self benefit or to help others.

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