What are your favorite Platinum membership features?

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What are your favorite Platinum membership features and why? I have a Platinum membership and I don't know where to begin. I don't use a system. So I don't know anything about V-Tracs, Deflate, Quinto or other systems. Due to Covid-19. I got plenty of time to learn. Thanks to all that reply.

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Thank You Win$500Quick for bringing this topic to my attention. I have reviewed Premium Features and the following is my list:

 Lottery Draw History for All Games

 Powerful Results Search Engine

 Premium Blog Settings

 More Blogging

 Private Messages

 Personalize Title Link: Edit Profile Info.

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Deflate (3/4/5) Number Set ReductionThumbs Up

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Beyond having access to all features, systems, wheels, past draw data, etc - 

I just liked to support the site in the fullest.

Out of all the sites I looked it I liked the layout/UI the most, the best presentation.

It has changed the way I look at things and when I have a hair-brained-idea I can look up data going way back!


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I use "search results" and "inspect past results" often and some of the others now and then. Haven't used wheels lately simply because other than IMO over priced MM and PB, Ky has no pick-5 or pick-6 games. But the user friendly wheels are easily worth the price of a Platinum membership.

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I was messing around with Vtrac and I saw this and got excited. I have been chasing 444 all week.

vtrac: 4-4-4
Result: 3-8-3

Does that mean I play 444? or is more complicated than that?

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v444=333 338 383 388 833 838 883 888

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Thanks. But 383 was the winning number. Do you play the winning number back plus 333 338383 388 833 838 883 888?

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It May be better to start with the Vtracs Course:

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I was posting the vtrac numbers on the NC thread but it seemed I could not get much interest

in it or either they did and didn't mention it but after reading your post I decided to post the 

number we got last night along with it's mate just to see if we get any of them soon...we already

have had some of them hit this month.

There is a lot to learn about vtracs and I sure don't know that much about it but have read about 

them for years on here...Raven gave you some great links to go to and read about it.

I have them saved too and even printed out a lot about them years ago before Todd put them on LP.

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I agree with everything you like about it but also Lottery systems.

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I like the fact that with platinum I can hold up to 2000 pm's on the send and sent end of it without having to worry about someone getting that message that my inbox is full. I get lazy and don't realize how many I have accumulated and the quantities will slip up quick and then have to start deleting pm's to free up space and there are some I care to keep.

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Don't know where my mind was but I posted the vtrac info wrong so the link above is the 

wrong one...I put the actual number that hit instead of the vtrac one so it's too late to edit

that post so here is the correct one below!

One more thing is when I post these I post from the original list Tntea came up with that I printed

out a long time ago...and sometimes the one on LP may have the same number a different way also

on the list but hers had it only one way.

If you read the links Raven put on it's on there somewhere.

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In response to Raven62

Is this what you use to come up with the list of numbers you post for the month

for us in NC?

You do get a lot of hits from that posted where it came from one time but

I forgot what you said it was.

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Typically I like to research other states and see how the number was treated the last time it came out most of the time same rule applies unless I'm helping a multi draw state then not all rules are the same. So researching numbers , using the one up one down system, seeing what numbers have came out across the board (especially when quads are due across the states b/c you will see a set of numbers dropping so they are setting up for the quads) . Research and the full access that I have to it . With a full Platinum you can go back and research and that is my leading thing ,unlimited blog post b/c I don't always have time to post everyday so some days I may post a lot and I don't have time to be limited in what I do.

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