331 = 313 Chances for Tonight 8-12-2020

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PartyPlease Vote For my Prediction for Tonight New York 08-12-2020


your numbers vote will be appreciated 

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if you have any comments please let me know

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In response to miguelr4720

HELLO miguerlr4720   you are a genius  my friend!!!!i love this!!!!BananaHurray!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

PartyPartyPartyMail For You


That  would be gre since I mirrored it earlie and played 881 . I also see 113 in my work out


Hi Miguel,

There's a chance another double may follow or x09 pair.

In response to Gazillionaire

113...another favorite number on my list!

In response to miguelr4720

Love itCheers

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