Yesterday's Sum Straights

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0576  1719  3186  3771  3771   4806  5652  9072

These are the Sum (18) straight wins for Tuesday, Aug 11. How can his help?

Sum(18) is the Expected value in the Gaussian (normal) distribution of the straights SUM of digits. (I will post a fuller explanation in hs Mathematics/Statistics forum). Check the state where these hit, and within 5 days they will return in box form. You can also lay a trap by adding and subtracting 1 from alternate digits for a week.  Remember SUM(18) is the most poplar SUM in P4.

Fibonacci's avatar - Lottery-050.jpg
In response to Fibonacci

Sum(18) straights for Wednesday, Aug 12.

3087 (only 1)

But.. there are 670 straight sum (18) That is 6.7%, which means every day we could expect between 4 and 5 per day. We should expect doubles over the next few days, maybe beginning this evening.

I'm expecting 77 and 88, possibly in back pair.

4988, 4977

2188, 2177

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