Can you keep money you win by gambling?

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I met a woman a few years ago & we started up a conversation (I'm always doing that with strangers) anyway 

the subject of gambling came up and I told her I had started playing pick 3 and really was enjoying it though

I had not had any big wins but at that time was winning often in pick 3.

Well it turns out she had been a compulsive gambler of all kinds of games and even went to Las Vegas a time 

or two & to Atlantic City and it really got way out of hand for her....she  told me she does not gamble at all with anything any longer and almost lost everything she owned....she said she was 82 years old at the time so 

she may not even be with us any longer...I did not get her phone no. and have never seen her again.

The one thing she told me that I remember to this day is this...she said "you cannot keep money that you

win by gambling". 

I seem to agree with her...didn't for a long time but if I do win a good amount which to me is 

much smaller than most people but was doing good on scratch cards not long ago was winning $100 on 

some pretty easy so I paid off a credit card balance with it...what I have found out is if I win a good sized

amount and go ahead & use it right then for something I need or like I paid off that card then I will not

be able to keep it...well maybe for a little while but usually over a period of time I end up giving it back

to the lottery...I've heard many people say the same thing.

SO it always pops in my mind about what she said that you can't keep money you win by

gambling...and I just want to know if any of you agree with what she said or if you have been through

any kind of experiences you'd like to share with the rest of us...I know it's personal but just am curious

about it.

One more thing is I do always pay my bills before I use any money to buy p3 tickets & scratch cards

with always have and always will.

One more experience is I met a young lady in a place where you could go in to play slot games

on a computer...they have banned them now in NC ...they were called Sweepstakes games but one time I was

in one and this lady had her head laying over the top of the computer she had been playing a game on and

was crying and when someone asked her what was wrong she said she just spent her whole paycheck she

had just cashed and could not pay her bills and I thought that was so sad & I vowed that would never

happen to me.

So if you'd like to share anything I think others would like to hear from you.

I think we have had threads like this before but it's been quite a long time back

so thought it would be interesting to put this one up again.

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Some counties in N.C. have allowed the sweepstakes video machines again. They are all around here in the county I live in. And you mentioned Las Vegas and AC, which I have been to both and those places know that the longer you stay the better chances you have of giving the money right back to them.

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In response to reddog

Oh I had thought all of the sweeptakes games had been shut down...glad they are not here because they were

addicting for sure and I don't need but one thing to be addicted to at the time!Big Grin Angel

AND I sure will not drive to another town to play in one of them.

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In response to Vergie6

I was working with this woman back in the 90s.  She told me her sister was dating this construction guy and he would actually bet $5-$20 depending on games and win and win more.  That's all I was told.   She left him eventually,  I really wanted to know what he did and his strategy too.

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In response to wander73

That would be interesting to find out what he did.

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Three years ago my wife and I went on a junket trip to AC. A junket is a trip thru Caesar's Rewards that airfare and room for three days and two nights stay was dirt cheap at Harrah's Casino. Well Harrah's in AC is away from everything and it was January and really cold. So you pretty much stuck there unless you are willing to pay for a cab to take you somewhere to eat or play at another casino because NOTHING was in walking distance. The food at the food court at the casino costed a lot. Talk about a mess, we really had to pace ourselves as far as gambling went because there was nothing else to do but stay in the room. Worst trip of our lives. My point is that gamblers will gamble and odds are the more you gamble, the more it is going to be to the house's favor.

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Well V6 I can relate to that story

I have played many stand up machines which I love to play and have won a nice size amount at different times and sat there and gave it mostly all of it back

I had to really stay away from playing those machines because it can be addicted.

Thanks for starting this thread and I'm sure others have done similar things too but that pride will not let the truth come forward

I am not ashamed because we all have some type of habits in our life

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You know I'm an advocate for only playing what you can afford you know I'm just diving into this conversation 


Gambling for me is a take it or leave it kind of thing right now ........I can walk away for a few days or months if I had to who knows maybe its the leo in me  that need to have something I'm drawn to "like numbers or math" I have tendencies to get addicted quick to whatever I'm doing whether its gambling or other hobbies. 

back in 2006 when we got the lottery I started going straight .......explaining it ..........Big Daddy the fellow who got me interested was playing in the "street" and so was I but I'd only give my money to him and he'd make sure I got paid when I won...I'm a woman lol ....those people really don't have to pay you they can close up shop and walk away from paying anybody what are you going to do go tell the police you were illegally gambling .........yeah okay. So me and 3 others ladies stared a FB group LSP its still active I stepped down from being the admin back in 2008 b/c of issue's we had a small group and its now ballooned up to 16k members . I have a few stories as well as my own personal here goes


I met a doctor yes DOCTOR who was into the pick 3 so bad that they foreclosed on her home and were looking for her truck (suv) b/c she was six months behind. I was at the store around Christmas time and she had noticed my picture up here and said she wanted to speak to me privately outside the store so I went out there and thats when she told me how bad her addiction was . Her kids would go to the store and buy her groceries b/c they couldn't trust her with money . Every time the phone rang at work she thought it was the repo people calling to look for her truck b/c she was that  far behind on payments. Yet she had just spent some money that she didn't have . She wanted to know what a player like me had been through so I shared my story with her and we exchanged phone numbers her gambling habit had got her an invite over to her sons house for Christmas and then back home b/c she couldn't afford Christmas like she had in the past for the grandkids . 


Lets see there was Mrs P and she told me and the other girls if she could just win enough to pay off her van she would never play again. I said to play XXX and she was about 65/70 at the time so anyway she did and won 7500 and the last time I talked to her granddaughter she had not touched another pick 3 slip . 


The lady here in town told me that she got divorced from her husband b/c he gambled every thing she made and he made but a car tag brought that conversation up he would ride down the road play car tags and never win anything . 


The one time I was beyond broke told a guy to play 332 and when it came out he blessed me with a lot of  cash. lol no that's true trust me I don't usually ask for any money but he needed a number and when it came two days later he walked in my office and put a pile of cash down and I just had to hug him . 


Its many many people that I have met over the years not just those I've had conversations that I can't discuss they are in the vault 


For me I put my fathers picture up there b/c I got tired of talking to people in the store I get bothered a lot less by it . In case you didn't know I'm a lady ....that picture is of my father he was probably about 22 yrs old there . I have at various times gambled to much got myself in trouble "financially over it" and had to dig myself out of the hole I had created but none of that bothered my house , car, truck or anything else I've ever signed my name for. Lottery is just addicting sometimes and you play the numbers and hope they come out . Its not a crime to say I need to take a break or step away from it ...... don't play with your bill money that is my biggest advice . In my worst days I was spending in excess of 100.00 a draw and at 31 days a month you do the math .......ouch right! Now I'm fine with not playing or playing $20 a draw I know what my limitations are and my friends are not scared to tell me "hey your spending to much" the lottery has changed they are out to make a profit not lose money numbers you used to think were coming no longer show up . 


If you want to stop for awhile just do it . Tell a friend much like the doctor I met oh we texted for hours her worse times were right before a draw literally like talking someone off the side of bridge everything in her wanted to go play but its like wanting a drink you got to breath through those times and say ....not today. If you can't stop on your own as I was saying find a friend and tell them "hey I need help" . Don't go into gas stations that sell tickets that is the wonderful thing about pre pay gas stations , put all your cash away or have someone who manages it for you. they do have a gambling hotline ..........I don't like to say play or not play but don't lose your life house car etc over gambling and don't spend money you can't afford to lose . The sun will shine tomorrow and a new pick 3 player is born every day .There is no shame in saying I need to step back I was talking to another board leader here awhile back and I think everyone think just b/c we have blogs , are board leaders , and that we post we play that much dear lol we do not . Not long ago we had one of those living in a car but now they are back on the right track so I hope that those that we don't hear from take my advice ...........ITS JUST A GAME ! If nothing else walk away from it put the money in a jar that you would have spent and tell us about the grand vacation you took from it. I've (not recently) stepped away from it and kept on posting we don't say anything b/c we don't want to discourage the ones that want to play and look to us for advice .

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Thank You to all of you. These are good seeds to be planted in my brain and expect a healthful crop of wisdom.  Group Hug


Long time ago I went to the racetrack 3 or 4 times a week. I'd pick up a racetrack friend once in awhile. One time he hit big for 20k. He hit the superfecta carryover. That's 4 horses in row picked in order for those who don't know. We got an escort to my car later that night. He ended up throwing me 200 maybe 300 bucks. I'm thinking 200, because I thought it was a low amount. Especially when I took his blank to the track. I took him to the track maybe once after that big win. He bought a car. I'd seen him at the track here and there over the next several months. I think he went every night.  Years later I saw him at this park, while walking my dog. He looked disheveled to say the least. Possibly homeless. I didn't pry. I just asked him how it was going? He didn't say a whole lot. I'm thinking to myself...What the heck happened to this guy? The racing bug might of hooked him after that big win. Betting more than usual as many of us do after a win. And giving back the winnings plus much more, chasing.


The writing has been on the wall for ages: If you taking home more than $600.00, Uncle Sam wants to not only know about it, but wants to get his hand on some of it, so the " keeping the money you win by gambling comes with a clause " in these United States.

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In response to Cmoore50

your post just reminded me of a few people that had won on scratch cards I had not counseled them like other people about gambling but I have a few of those 


190k was what was put in the bank 6 months later he sold his brand new truck got way less than market for it and his wife's truck was repo'ed last time I seen them they were broke living check to check


Gave a number 404 to a guy he won 40K from it thing I know he lost his job with a good company and was on the jail bookings for possesion of drugs


2 million an older couple  less than two years later ...I asked what happened the son moved back in when the money ran out so did he and he moved back to Arizona leaving them almost penniless 



frantic call at work guy won on 194 told the entire store to play it we didn't but he won 20k from it ........he called me at work wanting to buy a truck so I made a few calls and he got the truck still driving it today lol 


the lady that won 200k on a card bought 4 of them all winners the last was the big winner she paid my truck off (I work at a bhph and do finance) anyway she didn't have to but did b/c I had kept her in the truck for so long and she went bought and bought a brand new truck , paid off her doublewide , paid off other loans and went back to work the next day ..........


now me if I win big I pay off my bills that is how I paid off my Suburban from Jan to March I won a lot on the pick 4 when I bought my birthday present a maxima I didn't trade the school bus in b/c its not worth it to me to sell b/c its paid for 


I bought a 30$ ticket today and lost LOL Yes Nod yep again but ONE DAY ONE DAY I'LL be that lady you know that one lol j/k that's what I tell the cashiers when they laugh b/c I'm buying another one

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In response to Kandy44

Thanks Kandy & I agree with you!

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Yeah mom and I go to chinook winds casino about five times over the course of may to august of this year and we had fun but we usually lose are buns off so a couple of hundred between mom and I.  We like to think of it as entertainment because we had not been since a year or more because we had a lot of bills to pay but this year we didn't.  So we went and had some fun I like Lady bug slot and Wolf Run slot and I also like Wicked winnings the first one the old slot and I play those three with my money but I usually lose.  Sometimes I get lucky though and win a couple of hundred with Wolf Run because of the wilds and Lady Bug too.  It is fun to play when you have the money too because life doesn't always allow you to get away and play at the beach casino.-weshar75

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