So what I really remember about the dream is that I had took my daughter to the beautiful Apartments it's like trying to show her you know she can't have nice things I have my grandson so we were in this like Hotel Apartments Maybe I don't know it had like 3 floors that was like an open space it was beautiful and it was on the side of a mountain in the next thing I know in an avalanche I got snow thanks cover noses We're Goin Down someone is guiding me where like in the snow though and I had my grand babies two of them and we were like underneath the snow but we get to the end and it was all done you know we were fine the babies with cold I was holding them and then I'm like oh my God my daughter so I was like running up the little snow trail and I see my daughter maybe it's my daughter-in-law I don't know who the other girl was but they were in the trees they were fine shaken up but alive like I know that I told her to go to the hospital she was sore we had we cried so yeah but the men like my grandkids were running around another house safe but I was on my way to get ready to take her to the hospital it all started when the show her a bathroom such a weird dream so any numbers would be greatly appreciated

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