Luckiest of the two Big Multistate Games to play when stopping at Ohio Lottery?


I would've made my decision and played MM, but someone in NJ won.


If I had one quick pick with multiplier, what would I wager it on for maximum luck?

The tiny $20m Mega Millions prize with the LEAST CHANCE of WINNING but MORE WINNERS IN OH

The large $126 Powerball Prize with TINY BETTER ODDS But less WINNERS in OH. (There were a few second prize winners)

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I don't think past winners in a state is very relevant, but that's just me. 'You do you' as they say. 

If the jackpot size is important to you then go with PB for now. The odds are the same for 20M or $120M. Personally I ignore the jackpot size and focus on the lower tier prize of $1M + multiplier. By doing it that way I can choose either game as whim dictates. 

Just food for thought. Good luck on whatever you choose! Yes Nod

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