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They have changed a lot of things at the MA Lottery since December 2019. Around a month ago the whole web site was redone and in my opinion (which is worth nothing) the new site is terrible. A person now needs sunglasses to help view the site.

The old web site was much easier on the eyes, at least my eyes ... it's also harder to find information that was much easier to locate on the old web site.

Last December 8th they changed the lottery draw machines ... they had really nice draw machines before and the new draw machines are 'completely' different and horrible ... again, just my opinion which means nothing.

The new draw machines are round shiny plastic and look like they should be in orbit around the Earth ... at least the ones they now use for Mass Cash and Mega Bucks Doubler. They sort of look like Space Ball Machines to me.

However, the new Mass Cash machine was very lucky last Monday for a Season Ticket holder. It may be they had five winning season tickets ... it could have been other season ticket holders also ... but I just have the feeling someone played their numbers five times on five Season Tickets.

Monday Jul 20, 2020

05 - 07 - 12 - 18 - 29

6 Jackpot Winners: Rockland (1), Season Ticket (5)

... that would be $500,000 won !

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That would be an awesome win for one person. Congrats to them! Thumbs Up

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In response to Concord

Mass Cash players have been pretty savvy over the years with regard to playing the same line multiple times.  They're the players I learned from with regard to me playing the same line five times on my PB ticket.  I think it's very likely that it's a $500,000 win.  G5

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