New Michigan claim limit

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I see on the Michigan web site that you can now claim up to ten tickets between $601 and $99,999 at claim centers in Michigan.

I don't see how you could claim $999,990 worth of tickets but if you spent $30 on 10 $3 9-spot club keno tickets that would be 10*$75,000 or $750,000 you could claim without having to go to Lansing.

Anyone see a way of getting 10 $99,999 prizes other than the unlikely 10 hits on the Fast Cash games?

Note: The announcement actually says "$99,999.99" but Michigan truncates its prizes.

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Maybe Michigan will change the Top Prize on the $3 Scratchers to $99,999 to boost sales?

It would probably help boost them for people with crappy cars or no direct flight to Lansing.

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Good One Think!


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noise-gate, I like your photos. This monkey-shine business and the crashing waves. Where in the World are the waves? 

  We live in the Planet of the Apes!

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