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I had a dream me and my ex boyfriend Courtney , was in a hotel room.  My family was there as while not sure why we was all there.

I remember lying on the bed on my phone and Courtney said can i use your log-in so i can  get on the computer. So i logged him in so he can use his laptop.

 It was a knock at the door, it was my mom she came to check on us. I remember Courtney saying to her i love you she responded back and said i love ya'll to

then she left out. Next i remember i was in the store area  and i knew the clerk her name is Amy. I remember buying a PAW Patrol bag for my grandson. 

Amy and i started talking about purses, i was telling her i love shopping and buying brand name purses. Then a guy walked up ti us and got in the conversation.

Later on i member saying to Courtney i bet my sister won't pay for another day for us. Next thing was was all outside talking even that guy i was talking to earlier.

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