Lottery Books, which works best for you?


I'm from Michigan, and still somewhat new to the game. I am wondering what books or almanacs people use that work best in their state. Currently every book I have looked at for Michigan isn't working very well, best thing I've had is the monthly lottery bible. Which books do you use for predictions or relatives that work best, and which state?


Beat the Odds In the Lottery is a good book. I’ve taken his concept to another level. Added some other data also. Haven’t hit the big one yet. But in due time I will. The book is about counting so many draws and trying to predict the last draw in that round based upon previous rounds. You count the times each number hit and base your picks on patterns. It’s pretty in depth for a beginner. Transferring his concept over to excel is the way to go. Add in your own personal changes and you’ve just improved your odds of hitting the jackpot.

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Prof" Hitt's Ready Reference Rundowns and Workouts $4. 1-800-526-1340
Red Devil Almanac 2020 DreamBook Almanac   $6                                              2020 3 Wisemen Dream Book $6 I use these in GA can work in any state though.

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The Wisemen Dream Book and Kanas City Kiddy I have made money in the Lottery with both those Number Books over the years 

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