Some NEW new results on some older techniques. (Sounds appropriate to me.)


Well, had to take a mental break on everything I've had going here and decided to look one more time for my old pick 3 and pick 4 program that I made years ago. I found it. Finally. I had initially started back on it when I got back to where I am now, and laid it to the side for the bigger games. A good friend of mine had been wanting me to dig it out, but I just could not find the copy that I had updated to where it is now. Plus it actually works. I went through and decided to look at it through each pattern to see what it will do. Don't ask me how it works, or even why. I DO NOT KNOW! I just know I started building it as it came to me and it is what it is. Anywho, I decided to see what one particular pattern did for each game. When this pattern shows up, with a 1 in 3 different spots of the cubes on 1 pattern swap, that 1 shows up as a winning number. Not once in a while, but every time. Depending on how that 1 does in the other swapping around of the same pattern determines on if it is drawn in the next pick 3 draw and in the next pick 4 draw also. Does this pattern happen every time that a 1 is drawn? No. Not that same particular pattern. The previous 2 draws are what determines the patterns outputs, so it will not. It does show up in the others. Point is, every time this pattern shows up with the 1, it is drawn in the pick 3 and depending on other pattern swaps with on that same pattern it will show up in the pick 4 draw of the same time also. 100% of the time.

I made this short video of this phenomenon.


There is also another 100% of the time pattern that I think is on the video. If not, it looks kind of like a bird. Whatever number shows up in that pattern, comes the next draw. This one. The 4434 was the winning numbers for this Pick 4 draw. It's numeric mirrors are 7787. Not using lottery mirrors, but actual, or at least what I feel is, true number mirrors. 5 odd number, 5 even numbers in the whole numbers groups. Every even number has to have an odd that is it's opposite and this is what I feel they are. 0-5. 2-1. 4-7. 6-9. 8-3. Using this, it goes by that premise. The pick 3 draw numbers for that same draw time was 942. It's almost as if one corner of each cube that presents a pattern, usually the lower right corner will have the pick 3 numbers and it will transition into the pick 4's in the upper left corner. Or vice-versa. Here you can clearly see the 9 and 4 of the pick 3 draw, but no 2. Visible anyway. What does 5+5+5+5= then summed though? Or 5 times 4? However you want to do it. So you have 942 in the upper left corner of this cube which was the pick 3 that draw and 4434 in the bottom right corner of the same cube for the pick 4 draw that happened at the same time as the pick 3. As I've said, do not ask me how or why this does this. I can not explain it. I just know it happens every draw with this. Not just this pattern, but many and it's always with the numbers that show up in the next pick 3 and 4 draws. Using only the last 2 draws that have happened.


I will have to go through the patterns to see why like the 1 example above will show up only in one of the draws and the difference as to when it shows up in both  then reprogram it for all that, but shouldn't be too bad. Just take a little time is all. I know if one will do it though, the rest will also. I will program it to find when this happens like the 1 for that pattern, and will know when that 1 will be for one or both draws. I already know how to separate the cube for one game then the other and use attaching numbers. Like the photo above, I can use the 9 and the 4, then have it total and sum the four 5's to give me the 2. Then use the other patterns to look for the same numbers and attached numbers inside the cube. Thank God I found this! And thank you to the one that wanted me to look for it! Just hate it took me so long! There is NO WAY I could recreate this. I would only know where to start since it works off the roots. And I know that it gets the results below from the amount of times that 0 and 1 show up in the upper part. Switching it to others totals throws it off from the winning numbers is what's so weird about it and I in no way understand that.

Here is the same set of cube patterns for the pick 3 with the winning numbers highlighted on the left and the same for the pick 4 draw of that same time on the right with the winning pick 4 numbers highlighted. Dark green will be the actual winning numbers with the more lime green their mirrors.


Keep in mind that the numbers themselves are making these patterns in each cube and that this is just one of the patterns that are in the video above. Here though you can see the bird pattern that it will make for both draws. For the pick 3 you can see the 942 in the second cube down on the left in 642 form. The bird pattern for the pick 4 is in the top cube on the left of the right picture. Once the winning numbers are put into the workbook it will highlight everywhere those numbers are. Before you put the new winning numbers in though it will only show you the patterns that I've seen and go by to make it show me what to play. I programmed it to pick up those patterns, what numbers are inside each and is surrounding. There are times that non-winning numbers are shown in a pattern, but there is something else that will happen differently in other patterns that negates those numbers. It's like the 5's here for the pick 3 numbers in the upper left cornered cube in the left picture in the upper left corner. That is a pattern, but the 5 may not show up in another pattern and is only used to be combined here to give the 2. Or the 5 may show up in another pattern, but there will be nothing else that goes with it to make another pattern. In those instances, the other numbers in the cube will be all jumbled with no form to them. Just here and there.

There is an odd side, the red bordered cubes at the top and an even side, the green bordered cubes at the bottom. Each cube gets it's center from results from I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE AND CAN NOT REMEMBER. LOL. I just know that those 4 inner numbers come from the center section where it has the 5 rows of 4 wide numbers. If you look at the left picture, second cube down on the left, you will see 46 over 64. Now look at the center section directly below that and under NF and NS you will see those same numbers. The top cube of that same picture on the left you will see the center is 49 over 94. I only mirrored the 6's & 9's since 9 is a power number and 0's and 5's since 0 is a power number. That gives me 4 sets instead of 2 for each. I guess Tesla had a big influence in me just mirroring the 9 and the Good Lord above for the 0. That's what's made this work. There was a reason I stopped on the those two numbers making 4 cubes for each instead of mirroring each number and making more. Just mirroring those 2 kept this all balanced.

If you take the totals of the 0 and 1 that get this whole thing rolling, that will give 2 numbers for each. Either in 02 form or 15 form for example. For this particular game, the 0 showed up 35 times and the 1 did so 25 times. Those 2 numbers separated made 4 cells. A starter cube. Also with those 4 cells, there is 16 possible ways that one can change those up with their mirrors. With that said, there is 16 different combinations that can be used. Each combination will produce either a cube/s with a pattern, or all the numbers will just be jumbled about. No form at all. In the ones that do make patterns though, the winning numbers are the patterns. The patterns come about from what is inside each cube's center. Take the second to the bottom right cube of the right picture. There is no formed pattern there. If you go around that center cube that is 4-2 over 7-1, and subtract on the left side you get those totals. Added and summed on the right. Each corner is dependant on the side of the cube it is on. The top left corners is on the subtracted side and the bottom left corner is also since down is more like odd or subtracted or left. Each bottom right corner is added since I associate the right with going forward and the top right corner is added also since I associate right, up, forward all in the same category. There is a method to all this madness in each step. How I came up with the idea or why it works? Your asking the wrong person. I just went with what ideas flowed into my mind. That's what we have to do. Within reason that is. Just glad I found it!

Will be back with more of it as time permits. Got a LOT on my plate here and doing what I can.


I decided to look for more consistencies in patterns in these. Found where 444 hit in the evening draw here (5-9-2020) and 404 hit in the evening draw also here (5-13-2020). Figured that would be pretty well perfect since 0 is one mysterious number anyway. It's almost as if it's all numbers when you dig down into their workings. So, I went through all the pattern sets for each draws for those 2 numbers that was drawn.

Now, both came in off of 2 different sets of previous draws. The 5-7-2020 evening Pick 3 numbers was 831 with the 5-8-2020 numbers being 952. From this, and getting the totals that 0 and 1 showed up, (how this gets it's pattern start) the 0 showed up 32 times and the 1 showed up 30 times.

The 404 came in after 920 was drawn on 5-11-2020 and 453 was drawn on 5-12-2020. The totals for 0 on this workout was 33 and 1 showed up 24 times. So both was different. The only real close similarity on this was the 952 and 920. Same numbers for the 9 and 2, but the 0 and 5 was different. The 0 and 5 are what I call, and believe to be numeric positive/negative mirrors. When I look at numbers, I look at them as positive and negative in the sense that something makes one drawn to another in a magnetic way. There has to be something between a positive number and a negative number before it qualifies for that. To me. And in my mind, there is a reason that it goes positive, negative, positive in a series for the numbers. Also in my mind, without some kind of "pull" or movement, it would always be the same number and the rest would be useless. So something has to happen for the numbers to grow one to the next.

That's the way I look at this, whatever it is. There's something that it appears to do, that in reality, it shouldn't. It's almost as if it takes the past draws, throws them in a cycle (like a washing machine) and the magnetism between positive and negative draws them back together into another form.

Anyway, here is a short video on the patterns that match on the 444 and 404 and the differences in them that this made.

Next I'm going to post some screen shots of the 16 sets for 2073 that was drawn on the pick 4. Just picked that one as an example since it was in the month that I found the 444 and 404. May 1st actually from the evening draw here.

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In response to Greenfox


Can you post the program so we can try it on our state?

In response to lakerben

Thanks lakerben!

I'm actually working on some things on it. To make it predict better. Got a good friend that's working on some things on it also. He's already done some amazing things to it to make it easier to use and work better.

I've actually tested this on just about every states draws and it does the same thing. That was when I had it on here before. Only tested PA with it since finding where I left off on it. Other than here since that is.

It will work on all states though.

Not exactly sure I'll be posting it for download yet. If I do, it will probably be through requests and not just a link for download. This isn't going on someone else's website so they can charge people to give them numbers though. Or so they can sell it. I pretty well know a lot of the people on here and who is who, so I'll figure something out.

But it does work on all states 3 and 4 draws the same.

I'll let you know what I decide. Still got some stuff to sort out on it though till then.

Thank you, take care and best of luck!

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Oh well......




Watched the videos....

Looks great!

Will it work on the Canadian P4's also?



This is the 16 sets that it went through for the 5-1-2020 pick 4 here. Winning numbers was 2073 for that draw. Winning pick 3 numbers was 912 that draw session.

There will be 16 sets that each sheet will make from the previous 2 draws results. Pick 4 results are only put in to pick from and to see what has been drawn. The numbers are all made from the pick 3 draws only which is another weird thing about how this works. To me anyway. Why does it split the numbers up with usually the pick 3 in the upper left corner of each cube an the pick 4 usually in the lower right from the pick 3's results? I don't know.

Anyway, here is the sets 1-16 that this produced. The winning numbers are dark green filled with their mirrors in light green. I will also show some of the things I see in some of the sets. Things that either would look different if it was not the mirrors or things that just seem too weird.


Set 5 here. Cube #1 at the top is all over the winning numbers with #3 there showing them in a super nice pattern.

Set 1 here cubes #1 and #3 at the bottom has 7 over 2 and then 7 over 3 with just a mirror change. All changes is made due to mirror changes from the 0 and 5 or 6 and 9 only in these sets whereas the main process will mirror all results from the totals that 0 and 1 make in the start of each workout. Those changes has to be either the actual number it's self or it's actual numeric mirror. This will not use anything but one or the other. It is not programmed to just pick a change at random. It has to be from the actual results and be that number or it's actual mirror. Otherwise this type of results will be all over the place and have no consistency at all and would just be random occurrences whereas this is using exactly what is there only and what I think is the true workings of numbers.

Set 7 here. #1 at the top. Set #3 directly under and set #3 at the bottom all have great patterns showing for the winning numbers. #2 of that same set at the top just about lays out the winning numbers straight across. Set 9, #2 has the same results as the last cube mentioned with different top numbers.

Set 11, cube #3 at the top. Look what that would look like if the two missing numbers was not their numeric mirrors and the actual numbers that was drawn. The 4 and the 5. The 3 and 2 is there.

Set 12 cube #1. It has the 023 all over that top left corner with the 7 attached on the right hand side, but on the bottom left corner it has 1 and 6. Which is 1+6=7. Jus odd to me I guess. Same set, cube #2, switch out that 0 with another 2 and it's the same thing reversed. The 0 was drawn though. Upper left corner of that cube is a nice pattern with the mirrors. 145 of 270.

Cube #4 of that same section. One 7 in that upper left corner of that whole cube. A straight line down goes through a 9, which has the same additive purposes as the 0 does, when summed completely, goes right into two 2's that has a 3 on each side of them. Another weird anomaly I see all the time.

Set 15 here. #2 in the red border. Look at the odd numbers out that have no other matches. What number is missing? Same set #4 has one odd number out with no matches. What number is missing and what is that odd number out doubled? Now look at #1 and #2 in the green bordered at the bottom. If there is a "magnetism" or a positive and negative force to this, why is that side inverted? As I've said the top cubes come off of the top 4 cells from PP and PS. #4 in set #15 is the 3 and 0 from right under PP and PS. Those come from positive figuring as you can see from the PP and PS being green font. The 80 over 80 that is center cells from #1 in the bottom left of set 15 is from the bottom under NP and NS coming from the negative side. That's why it's red font. Why is those 4 cubes showing similar results and being from a positive output and a negative output? (Mostly notes for me to answer, but any suggestions is listened to.)

Anyone can go through and look at the sets and find what they can. Maybe someone else will see what I'm saying and maybe they won't. It could all be just how one looks at it, but these are things I see when I look through them. There is more showing than I am pointing out also. Just pointing out some of them.

In response to Gwoof


So far, I've gotten the same results from every state I tested it on. Which was a lot back then. Only been using it on the games here and PA since finding where I left off. Can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work anywhere though.

It's based on the actual roots of each number and numbers are the same all over. It gets the root of each of the previous draws numbers and uses the draw before that to find what it needs and puts it all together. Each step has a purpose although I can not begin to tell you what all those steps are right now. Not sure if I could even go through it all and be able to tell. Most of it, yes. Some of it, no way.

But yes, I think it will work on any 3 and 4 draw anywhere. It has up until this point.

Thank you, take care and best of luck!

In response to Greenfox


Any improvements?

All we have is P4, but would sure like to try it out up here!


In response to Gwoof

Still at it here Gwoof.

It's looking much better thanks to some help and thinking about it better.

Ugghh! That may be a problem with you only having the 4 draw. This gets it's data from the pick 3 draws. I'm not sure how it would do with leaving a number out. I know I did some picking for retxx years ago and it seems like there was no pick 3 there but I can't say for sure if that was the only draw or not. I know it kept getting real close with whatever the draw was for there.

I won't say that I couldn't reprogram it to just accept the pick 4, but man would it be tough. I know a lot of what I did to it and the reason behind the idea, but some of it was like a blur that just was. Almost like I had no control over those parts.

I'm seeing on the Canadian website that there is pick 3 there, but that may be different where you are. Post me 2 draws from your 4 draw from there that are either from the day or evening game and I'll post the results. Maybe say the day draw from the 24th and the day draw from the 25th. I'll need to know which one is which from what day. If I put it in backwards, it will give the wrong results. I'll highlight some of the patterns and you can see if they match up to what was drawn there the next day. That's about all I know to do with that dilemma.

In response to Greenfox

 Thanks for the reply  GF

Here's the draws from the 24th & 25th

7/24  5-6-1-7

7/25  6-2-6-3

Here in Atlantic Canada we don't have a P3 game I hope that is not a problem..



In response to Gwoof

Weird how things happen in life. I was just about to run some draws for different states and post the patterns to see what they did today, and here you post so I can do that. Give me a few minutes to run it through and get it all up here and I'll point out what I see with it for the 26th to see how it will do. That 4th number may and may not effect it. I honestly don't know so I can't promise anything, but we'll see.

Give me a few.

In response to Greenfox

  No problem..... Hope it shows good results.

In response to Gwoof

Like I said, not sure how this will work with leaving the last number off so, it may be useless there or with any state that does not have a pick 3 draw.

Here is some real good patterns it's showing though with what data I put into it. Just the first 3 numbers of each draw you provided and what I see.

With the regular way of doing this and reading it, it wants to see number patterns show up in at least 2 of the same set of cubes. Either 2 of the red bordered sets, 2 of the green bordered sets or in a set of red and green bordered sets.

(One set will be 4 cubes in red border and 4 cubes in green border.) And number mirrors are 0-5, 1-2, 3-8, 4-7, 6-9.

Second set over is showing 2754 over 1454 in the top line of #1 and #3. It's also showing 527 in the third rows of both cubes there. I'm actually seeing a lot of 4 and 7 mirroring and in both the positive and negative sides of the cubes of the sets. Same set but at the bottom in the green, cubes #2 I'm seeing the 725 again in a nice pattern. There are more of this, but in the 4th set over you can see in the bottom cubes, #2, #3 and #4 the 1-2, 4-7, 5 is all over the place also. I'm definitely seeing the 4-7 and 1-2 for the 26th. I'm seeing some 3-8 patterns also, but the others seem more dominant to me here. Now the other 2. With this, and numbers in general the 0-5 and 6-9 is an odd thing. It's really throwing me off on this one and it could be the using only 3 of what really is a 4 number set. From what I've seen on my own state and PA, look at the 3rd set over, bottom cubes #2 and #4. There is 4-5-6-1 all over those. Hold onto those numbers till the next level.


Next level. 4th set over, cube #4 at the bottom. Mirrors that work on this are 0-5, 1-2, 3-8, 4-7, 6-9.

Every time I've seen this kind of occurrence, that has been the winning numbers for the pick 4 for that workout. The 4 could be 7, the 0 could be 5 and the 1 could be 2. Depending on all the patterns combined and how they lay out, but with yours and using it the way I had to, that 6 and 9 is REALLY throwing me off on this one. So I'm not sure if I'm seeing (4-7, 1-2, 0-5, 6-9), (4-7, 1-2, 0-5, 0-5) or (4-7, 1-2, 6-9, 6-9).



Here is a few examples of some that are similar to the 4th set over and the #4 cube at the bottom right of that set from here in NC.




So if this would work there, that cube should be close to your numbers that hit on the 26th. If the 3-8 slipped in there on that draw, then this may not work exactly right using only three of the pick 4 numbers.

In response to Greenfox

The 7/26 result was  7-1-8-8

Top right of the bottom 4th set

 Still trying to understand the sets.


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