Cloudflare outage affected Lottery Post

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Starting around 5:15 pm Eastern Time today, Cloudflare experienced an outage that apparently disabled much of the Internet.  Lottery Post was also affected, so if you noticed (or are still noticing) slowness or unavailability of the website, that's the reason.

Cloudflare has noted that they are aware of the problem and have identified a fix.  So hopefully this will all be resolved shortly.

In case you're not sure what a "Cloudflare" is, they are one of the major companies that operate much of the Internet's infrastructure.  So when Cloudflare experiences a large problem, you will likely experience problems across a wide swath of websites you visit.

Also, the problem might be felt in certain areas of the country or world, so some will see no problem, while others might not be able to reach the site or have general slowness.

Article about today's problem:

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In response to Todd

Thank you for keeping us informed!


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Type stuff happens and not the first time I've run into a Cloudflare issue ???

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I've been noticing a very much longer then normal time when clicking on to LP the last 3 or 4 days. The wheely thing just keeps spinning and spinning. Mostly late afternoon to early evening on Google Chrome. I switch over to IE and it loads a lot faster, even though IE is normally slower then Chrome anyways. Later on, I'll switch back to Chrome and it is normal.

Every thing else was loading normally, so I thought maybe you guys were doing maintenance.

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I kept deleting history and still wasn’t being able to get in lottery post 

I thought lottery post”s infrastructure was rubbish 🤪


thank you for the info

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Have you tried clearing out your browser cache in Chrome?  There have not been any problems except for the Cloudflare outage yesterday, and the fact that IE is loading things fine for you would point to a problem with Chrome.

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I cleared it out. Had 320 mb. I don't know if that's a lot or not. Is it? Thank you.

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