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Greetings all Texas daily 4 fanatics/enthusiasts. personally i have not won on this game since its inception. that is not to say i will never win it. that is the reason for this message. i know there are players here that are from Tx. that win often and there are some that are not from Tx. that also win consistently. by now yall must know that i am asking for a little help with improving my odds of winning or beating the odds of losing. what if any strategies do you all follow?. have you found out that certain digits tend to follow other digits?. i know its very difficult to predict winning combinations but if there is any sort of assistance you can offer me i would be appreciative. i don't mine playing a certain combination of numbers the whole week if i knew that the probability of them hitting is quite high. thank you so much for reading my requests for help. AL.Group Hug

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Hi alsports2000! Greetings from the north end of Texas.

I hardly play Daily 4 anymore, but I do watch the numbers everyday, as I've been thinking about jumping back in. My real problem with this game (and Pick 3, and AoN) is the 4 draws a day. In my opinion (which may be worth what you pay for it) is that it is financial suicide to play all 4 draws. Typically there are 104 draws a month. That's $104 a month playing a dollar each draw. For me, I would play only ONE draw a day. Which one? Well, probably doesn't matter, but I tend to favor the evening or night draw. Why? Beats me.

As for what to play. I noticed that consecutive numbers show up periodically, as do consecutive numbers with a double. As in, 1342, or 2443. The hard part is figuring out the order if you like to play straight (I do). Aside from that, since I like to play straight only, I usually will play a quad when I decide to play.

I was just thinking today that I might look into playing $5 or $10 straight here and there to try to win enough to pay off some debt.

Let know what you think.


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Thanks for taking the time to respond. pretty much what i think and what i am doing. i only play night draws cuz i can see how the previous draws affect the night one but its like you say makes no difference which one i play. i was also thinking of playing all four draws which is only 4 bucks a day. 4x7=28 bucks a week. unless you include the extra dollar for an extra digit. i also only play straight since i want a moderate payout. i am so desperate for a win that was thinking if there is a system out there that someone can recommend that will help us beat the odds. sometime in the past there was or is a LP player named lotterybraker who would designate a lot of combinations for the xmas holidays and miraculously they would all come true. i guess he no longer does it cuz i have not seen any of his posts. miss him. thank you RCB. Sad Cheers

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