Combinatorics & Modus Tollens


I am going to do my best to give my interpretation of how I use mathematics (and logic) in the Smart Luck univerrse.

Its a little complicated, so hang on.

First Modus Tollens latin for "If, then"  (if I remember correctly.)

So If this happens, then do this.  I have made some rules.  Now I know there will be a lot of naysayers right away so keep in mind this is my personal 

interpretation.  There is no 100% guarenteed method to win all the time.


There are different rules for different games as their are differnt variables, but I have Mastered most of them. 

So before you say, no this is wrong, or no you should do it this way, this is MY PERSONAL INTERPRETATION.

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I'm interested in what you have found useful. Please post more on your interpretations, especially one or more rules regarding specific games (Pick3 or Pick4, possibly). It's a large puzzle and having more pieces to evaluate can only be useful.





Are you actively playing PA?  We could use it as a test case.  I dont really like RNG, but maybe with these new tools, we can put two systems together.

Keep in my I am generally very conservative in my wagering strategy.  That is a key component to the rules.

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Yes, I am active playing in PA. Played today. One self-picked number in each of Pick 3 day & eve and Pick 4 day and eve. One self-picked Match6 and one quick pick Match 6. Total spent: $20. That's usually my budget for a day. Big week for me is playing 3 times with a pattern similar to above.

I track past draws with a freebie version of Excel and my Pick 3 draws are based off what looks like is coming due in each of the three positions. For Pick 4, I watch for recurring pairs. I call it my Dancing Pairs spreadsheet. Certain pairs will warm up and hit every other day for awhile before going cold again. When I see two pairs recurring like that, I put them together for a Pick 4 box.

Don't hit much using that system, but do hit sometimes. Not in a position to throw a bunch of money at a system, so conservative definitely works for me, too. I Agree!

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In response to OhSoClose

Can you post the spreadsheet?

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Have to admit I have no idea how to post something to share. Not sure how helpful it would be, but you're welcome to it/them. What I have is in LibreOffice Calc format and it's a bit rough compared to the quality of stuff I see posted here. Doesn't do analysis, more of my notes on what trends I'm seeing.

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I have that and open office . Cool!!

In response to OhSoClose

Its actually a tad complicated.  I can post everything anybody needs.  Even though I use Excel 365, I will not be redoing my subscription next year.  I disagree with them politically.  And so I have one year to strike it rich!!  But we are going to do it in 6 months.


What is the best image hosting site? I used one before.  Why cant I remember!!!   I dont know why.  i dont remember the site.  I will have to check

my files. 

Keep in mind, although I use computer software, I also duplicate eveything on paper, and I look to mark the patterns on it.  so since its my interpretation, you may want to color code accordingly.  I am not forcing you to, but you might see where it makes sense as time goes on.

Therefore I will be a constructicon.



for uploading images they work pretty well. They have a spot where you can resize your images depending on what format you are going to use it for before uploading.

I set mine for message boards and it makes them the right size. Then you can adjust on here larger or smaller with dragging the corners. Once uploaded there, click on what you want to put on here and use the Direct Link to get your link to put on here and not the others. The others want to put it on here the wrong size for whatever reason.

Once you have your link copied, use the picture icon in the legend above, paste the link in and it will put it right on here for you.

You can make your photos private or public on there also. I know Jeet knows how to post, but for others that don't know, that seems to be the easiest for me. And the fastest.

Hope that helps!


And for anyone that wants a free spreadhseet that works close to Excel and is compatible with Excel.

WPS Office suite free download.

It will convert Excel files for usage. Is as easy to use as Excel, and follows along the same formats and userface.

Hope that helps some also!

In response to Greenfox

Thank you foxy.  Thats the one.  Thanks for refreshing my memory.  Mr. Clarity suggested that to me a while back.  I should still have my password. 

As I lay out the system I will post over there also.  I already have lots of charts and art and VORTEX mathematics there. 

Thanks again!See Ya!

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Here's a sample of what I'm doing for Pick 3. Nothing fancy. It's just a record of what came up, the VTRAC for each position, and a colored cell to indicate when a digit repeats from previous draw or 2 digits repeat from previous draw.


Saturday, July 11, 20207   7   0  Wild Ball: 3              770331331 
Friday, July 10, 20206   3   6  Wild Ball: 7              636242242 
Thursday, July 09, 20208   7   2  Wild Ball: 6             872433433 
Wednesday, July 08, 20201   8   3  Wild Ball: 5 183244244 
Tuesday, July 07, 20209   7   9  Wild Ball: 3       979535535 
Monday, July 06, 20200   9   6  Wild Ball: 4        096152152 
Sunday, July 05, 20202   3   2  Wild Ball: 5      232343343 
Saturday, July 04, 20203   0   2  Wild Ball: 2           302413413 
Friday, July 03, 20206   1   9  Wild Ball: 9              619225225 
Thursday, July 02, 20207   6   0  Wild Ball: 6              760321321 
Wednesday, July 01, 20204   2   1  Wild Ball: 2              421532532 
Tuesday, June 30, 20209   4   2  Wild Ball: 0              942553553 
Monday, June 29, 20208   9   0  Wild Ball: 0        890451451 
Sunday, June 28, 20205   0   6  Wild Ball: 3          506112112 
Saturday, June 27, 20201   0   7  Wild Ball: 6              107213213

Below is what I'm doing to track Pick 4. I'm flagging when there's a repeat digit or pair of repeat digits within the draw. I'm also noting by prev1 or prev2, etc. when a pair within the draw occurred in a recent draw.

Saturday, July 11, 20201   3   7   5  Wild Ball: 3            1375   
Friday, July 10, 20207   6   2   2  Wild Ball: 7            7622p2  
Thursday, July 09, 20204   7   3   2  Wild Ball: 6            4732   
Wednesday, July 08, 20203   1   7   9  Wild Ball: 5            3179 prev1prev4
Tuesday, July 07, 20201   7   9   9  Wild Ball: 3            1799p9prev3prev4
Monday, July 06, 20204   0   5   6  Wild Ball: 4       4056   
Sunday, July 05, 20205   4   5   8  Wild Ball: 5            5458p5prev4prev9
Saturday, July 04, 20201   9   9   3  Wild Ball: 2         1993p9  
Friday, July 03, 20200   1   5   7  Wild Ball: 9         0157 prev2prev4
Thursday, July 02, 20200   2   9   7  Wild Ball: 6          0297 prev1prev3
Wednesday, July 01, 20205   4   7   2  Wild Ball: 2            5472   
Tuesday, June 30, 20202   8   2   8  Wild Ball: 0            2828p2p8prev4prev7
Monday, June 29, 20202   1   0   9  Wild Ball: 0            2109   
Sunday, June 28, 20203   2   4   2  Wild Ball: 3           3242p2prev2prev7

Again, nothing fancy going on with these. Me calling the spreadsheet Pick 4 Dancing Pairs makes it sound sexier than it actually is. This is something you could likely put together yourself in a couple minutes.

In response to JeetKuneDoLotto

Glad I could be of some use here.

Hope you get it all straightened out and get to rolling in the money!

Sure are welcome!

In response to OhSoClose

I only cleaned up the pick 3.  Since it is still my interpretation, I see some holes in your method.  It appears you are playing based on a filtered set.  I disagree with that strategy.  Just saying that, there will be naysayers and sophists jumping out of the bushes to attack me.  They will hit a wall.  I began the process of building my LottoGraph.  But I kept falling asleep.  And knowing that I was falling asleep, I will have to triple check what I did, to make sure I made no mistakes, or the picture will be incorrect.

I prefer to not do win4.  Its just too much work as I have no working Win4 charts and have zero desire to create one at this point.  I can pay somebody if necessary, but the 5/43 JP rolls and can be very nice substitute for the Win 4.   You can apply my approach to win4 on your own if you desire.


The following chart is read from top to bottom.  I combined the midday draws with the evening draws to get a combined whole set.  It is like having two feet, instead of one.

The yellow represents daytime and the gray represents nighttime.  I have not made any predictions yet as this is only the preliminary step.

But I need a little break, so I will be back later.  I will be checking my box, intermittently.

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