Texas Cash Five Worksheet

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Here is my worksheet for TX Cash Five.

I loaded this years YTD drawings and am looking for matches for 4 out of 5. 

Made a copy of all the drawings from 01/01/20 thru 07/09/20.  Then I started going thru my list one by one until I found my 1st match on 01/22/20.  It matched 4 of 5 numbers with a drawing on 03/28/20.

In this spreadsheet I am comparing the number I listed at the top of the spreadsheet & comparing it to all the drawings in my spreadsheet.  I sort my entire spreadsheet (b4:v167) by column R & sort in descending value from largest to smallest giving me the matches by each line.

It is a real pain setting up the original spreadsheet, but once it is set up it only takes a couple of minutes to update. I just started with the current year to see if I could find any matches for this year.  You can add as many years as you want to start with,  but you will have to go thru each drawing looking for matches via the formulas.

In this case, I went thru the first 19 drawings of the current yr before I found my first match.  I then highlight the numbers matched & start my groups with the number 1 as you will have many matches to review at a later date.

In columns T U V, I keep track manually on the number of hits I have for each drawing I have checked on.

I usually hide cols K thru P as they only contain the formulas & I do not need to see them once I determine they are working properly.

If you click on the file above, you will have the option to download this spreadsheet & use it accordingly.

NOTE: Once the matrix of the game changes you will have create a new file as the new drawings will be of no value.  35 balls  now , but if it goes up or down in the number of balls - your outcome will not be the same & will need to start over with the new matrix.

have fund & good Luck..........

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