Congratulations to comet for reaching Elite status!

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comet is only the 41st member of Lottery Post to reach  Elite  status, so I wanted to say congratulations!

There are so few members of that status because it takes such a tireless daily dedication to accomplish.

For more than 14 yearscomet has been an incredibly valuable, loyal, sharing, and helpful member of Lottery Post. 

Thank you for everything you've done for this site, its members, and the lottery community in general!

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Go win today!

Good luck!


Group Hug


Congratulations Comet !!!

        “My Buddy”


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Excellent work Comet!  Fourteen years of commitment and dedication reveals loyalty on your part. 

 Thank You!!

 You have lived through a lot of history since 2006. The Great Recession in 2008. The recovery with a booming stock market. Three Presidents.

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Congratulations Comet!Party


Thanks Everyone and G L to all Yes Nod

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Congratulations Comet!!! Way to Go!!!!

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    Welcome to the club.Party

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Congratulations "Comet" on reaching "Elite Status!"


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Congratulations comet Thumbs Up


Thank you Everyone and Todd for the Lottery Post . and Libra Dave for everything He done for all of Us  Thanks again Everyone and G L to Everyone Thanks Again Yes Nod

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Congratulations Comet, it's really exciting, Enjoy!Party

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PartyCongratulations on your promotion!Party


Thanks sully16 and MzDuffleBaglady. G L  to you both.Yes Nod


l don't think l have ever bumped into Comet in any of the forums over the years, perhaps it's because he was moving so fast. Nevertheless- you made it up that hill, finally planted your flag. Well done!

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