Will 7 or 70 come out tonight?

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That is an interesting question.  Not sure what everyone else does.  I don't use the software,  think software actually doesn't work,  have Gail Howard's book,  not sure about wheeling numbers because technically I don't wheel anything,   sort of think it's something with the month and date. 


I notice that some use quick picks as noted this past week.  We shall see,  Powerball I feel the same way that the month and date and not just flip numbers.


For example,   today being 7-7-2020.   so the flip is 2 and 4.  The hidden 5 is in there.   the 6 might be in there. 


Just curious thoughts.   I can't repost in the challenge because I already posted it earlier.  Good luck to all who play the game.


At least my sales are up in selling,   I use a secret tool to find items.


IDK but I tend to favor 70. 

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If I had to guess it would be 7.

I have 4 so 4-7 would be fine with me.



Glad your sales are up - good luck with whatever you do

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no 7 or 70 


interesting the similarities to the last power ball draw:

1st ball right one

2nd ball 1 off

3rd ball 2 off


all interesting - does it mean anything?

I am not smart enough to know that

Big Grin

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