A new pic 4 run ...when I can

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I activated my account so I can check some new things I have been going over in my head and need to check it against actual data ..that is why I reactivated my account...but since times are hard I will run a new pic 4 field for all of you....


I will run it like I have ran all the other will be a STRAIGHT RUN and all the pic 4 states should be getting those combos box and straight...when I complete the field check the new pic 4 run against your states past 6 months and see if YOUR STATE has gotten any combos that match my pic 4 run...RANDOM LOVES TO any combos in your state past 6 months or so that matches any of my field numbers WILL BE A GOOD CANDIDATE to come back to your state as a STRAIGHT...that is pretty much how this field works...I am not going to run a state specific field...those take to long to run


I will try and have it by late this evening or it will be tomorrow before I can finish it...


Good Luck to all of you....Terry

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