I'm bad at this and tired of trying picks for any pick 3...on Earth from now til july 7th





I wouldnt be suprised 890 comes out 2x this week smh! I hope black apple posts soon. Man!!they are good!

In response to Gazillionaire

My bday 403 hit Straight in new Mexico eve draw.  box in Virginia mid.

930 hit box in Delaware eve and Oklahoma.

208 box in Maryland eve

364 box in Arkansas eve

I can't win in NY where I live so for fun I'm posting these just to see how many hits I'll get in other states for the first week of July.  I'm tired of trying in NY cuz my numbers hit somewhere else always


Wow look at the hits I had today from my picks across usa

300 Straight in Arkansas 

364 Straight in new Jersey

Few box

In response to Mattchu

you have good numbers to play and this what i have for front pairs 30x in va . thanks i needed it because i hope it will hit tonight also couple more days and nights too. good luck to all lp .

In response to wins20

Oh god 161 hit in NY and I gave up on it...😭.  I'm still guessing 30 pair in some order should hit soon. Only hit twice in over two months.  37 pair long out.  370 combo I want in ny


Honestly I just made my op post out of boredom and only checked the results a couple times.    I just checked July 8th.

My bday hit in Arizona straight 403!!

Colorado eve 802 box hit

Florida eve 309 box hit

Illinois eve 511 box hit


Oh I see now I posted til July 7th but you know I just made that up too.  These numbers are family bdays and other numbers I liked or saw others liked for NY. 

My frustrations of seeing em hit in other states every day except in NY so I made a thread for an Allstate's prediction. These are just good numbers period anytime

In response to Mattchu

See what I mean!  I want 370 combo in NY but it hits other states instead.  Check out 307 in Maryland and Indiana.

From my first post my dad's bday 208 straight in Texas and NJ!

Something about my family bdays they hit a lot:

403, 410, 208, 523


And for 7/11 eve

208 Straight in Washington!

Box in Delaware.

310 Straight in Michigan!

Box in Nebraska

730 box hit Tennessee.

My numbers keep hitting but not in my own state where I play! 😭

All these in my original post except 370 I added a couple posts after.  These numbers seem to always hit somewhere. Just not NY when I play em


Eve Sunday 7/13

My bday 403 straight in Kansas!  What is up with my family bdays?!

Arizona 303 box hit 

Idaho 093 box hot

For midday 7/13  just one hit

NJ again!  980 box

I'm making this thread for my own amusement lol.  If I ever help someone win a straight or combo that'll be a thrill.  If anyone does for real cuz of my thread please post picture.

Cuz I sure as h#ll can't win in NY.

In response to wins20

Oh shoot your 30 came as a back pair two days ago.  a guy in one of the ny threads plays pairs front and back.  He's had some big wins doing that cuz he plays em like $6 dollars each. 

When I start loooosing long and hard I always think of this strategy but have never had the will power to do it.  Make your picks you believe in to hit soon and sit out for one week at least. Maybe even 10 days is better.  Then begin playing them.

Try it and see how often none of your numbers came.  But if that happened then the odds of them coming from that point on are even better. And you can feel good about the money you didn't lose


7/13 midday

890 straight in Puerto Rico!

370 Straight in Texas!

140 box hit in California! 

My sister's bday is 410.  I swear my parents, my sister, and my own bdays hit a lot.

In response to Mattchu

7/13 eve

Texas!! 300 straight 

I hit 2 draws straight in Texas today!!!!!

Arkansas 028 box hit.  My dads bday!!!

My family bdays are magic!

Many states still don't know results


037 box hit in Washington DC! 

I'm gonna have to start a new thread with these numbers.  The end date in the title is probably keeping people from clicking on it.

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