Monday's Allstate 99% Strt

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Straights coming your way (Monday June 29th)..All -States ....Top Alphabets States that has a chance of hitting a Strt from the strt pairs and straight triads are:( I,K,L,M,N & O) ..some may fall in a box, some strt states will be random states, thats not within the top group. Remember, these strts pays the same as a pick 3 Triple or a Pick 4 Quad online. This workout has produced a 99% hit ratio in the pass, for the top states. So yes, you can expect to get a P3 and P4 strt from 1 or more of those states. Pick out your favorite pair or triad, and connect one of the ML digits where the X is for a Strt hit..That simple. Use any personal workouts to help you determine what to choose. Do not play all. Post your states winning Strt, and Good luck to all . Missing Link Digits(0,1,2,3,4 5 or 6)



888 999 777 897 879 789 798 987 978

88x 8x8 x88  99x 9x9 x99

89x 98x x89 x98 8x9 9x8

87x x78 78x x87 8x7 7x8

97x 79x x79  x97  7x9 9x7

Add ML Digits: 0,1,2,3,4,5,or 6 


Pick 4

0000 4444 8888 9999

000x x000 0x000 00x0

444x x444 4x44 44x4

888x x888 8x88 88x8

999x x999 9x99 99x9

ML: 1,2,3,5,6,or 7

0489 0498 0894 0849 9840 9804 8094 8049 4890 4809 


048x x048 480x x480 840x  x840

049x x 049 490x x490 940x  x940

089x x089 890x x890 x980 980x

489x x489 894x x894  984x  x984

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Strts so far...btw, MD is a top states I suggest  would  hit...(M)

More will fall...


GA 578.....ML 5 x78 

MD 996.....99x. Ml 6

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Mid day verdict ..all these states hit Strt:

Ark 689

888 ct

389 fl

578 ga

Il 880

In/ia 869

Md 996

Nj 827

Pa 890

Dc 972




P4 starting of slow


597 mo eve

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In response to Afayep

Are there any new predictions

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In response to Goseahawks

Are there any new predictions


Please post for Maryland, much appreciated, thanks in advance, enjoy your day

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