Saturdays Pick4 Strts..99% chance of hitting

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Yesterday my Strts triads produced 3 Pick 4 strts and serveral BX hits...The 3 pick 4 strts, fell within the states I said they would.  Today (Saturday), this should  happen again...same states.The top states, are the states with the alphabets (I,K,L,M & N).

Bx hits will hit within the other surroundings states, from this triad setup. This is your  chance  at  grabbing a  P4 strt. Some triads will fall as a 3 way double within  itself. Do not play all, just pick 1 or 2 favorite triads and add the ML digit. The strt has a 99% hit ratio to fall. Good luck to all 


             ML digits  are: 0,1,4,5,6,or 7

222x  333x  888x 999x 

2222 3333 8888 9999

2389 2398 8923 8932 3829 3892 3928 3982 9283 9238 9328 9382  2233 2288 2299 3388 3399 8899


233x 323x 332x 223x 232x 322x  239x 293x 923x 932x 329x 392x 238x 283x 832x 823x 328x 382x 298x 289x 892x 829x 928x 982x 339x 393x 933x 399x 939x 993x 338x 383x 833x 883x 838x 388x  389x 398x 893x 839x 938x 983x


Hello Goseahawks 

  What numbers would you prefer for Illinois? I see when coming out with triads... help please🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

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