Pick 4 Strt 99%..Friday only

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One of these states that begins  with  the letter, I, K,L,M,or N, will get a P4 strt today......this will occur @ 99% of the time, heres your chance..I know  its a lot of Strt triads, but its a chance  you have to take to the ML digit to the end(x).. Triads are already in strt position...Pick out a fee, not all...

Note: K,L,M states has higher priority of hitting. Good luck to anyone  who  tries this..

Strt triads:

256x 562x 625x 265x 526x 652x 

257x 275x 572x 527x 752x 725x

267x 276x 672x 627x 762x 726x 

567x 576x 657x 675x 756x 765x

225x 252x 522x 552x 525x 255x

226x 262x 622x 662x 626x 266x 

227x 272x 722x 772x 727x 277x 

556x 565x 655x 665x 656x 566x 

557x 575x 755x 775x 757x 577x 

667x 676x 766x 776x 767x 677x 

222x 555x 666x 777x

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ML: digits are: 0,1, 3,4,8 or 9s

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What are the best state?

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I just gave them to u..did u read the instructions

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Just now seeing this post but great call...6073 Michigan of course did a mirror but you were right on the moneyCheers Congrats and Goodluck on tonight drawings$$$

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Illinois  got the Strt Pick 4 hit 627(3)..Congrats winners.Again 99%daily,  one of the mentioned  states  will  get a strt hit...there will be multiples  box hits throughout  the USA......

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