Worst Lottery Games You have ever played? :/


Lucky Lines was AWFUL. It was a Bingo type of draw game that paid out like The Lottery. I only won like $10 on it at THE MOST. Lucky Lines was so awful it was pulled after only three years. You know a draw game is awful when it only "lives," for three years. . Florida Lotto has been here for about 32 years as a huge contrast to the thankfully short lived Lucky Lucky Lines. 


Price Is Right Lottery scratch off game was AWFUL. It SEEMED like it should be a WONDERFUL game(It was actually like 3 or 4 fun gamess on just ONE ticket) but I never really WON anything on it. It was a hefty ticket to. $5 a ticket. Not the really cheap tickets.

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They had a "5 Card Cash" draw game here for a couple years that no one seemed to play. It was a weird, confusing gimmick where you got a poker hand and could win something immediately and again later in the day when the "cards" were drawn. Frankly the game was dumber than a box of crayons. It's not surprising it failed miserably, it's only surprising that the lottery kept it going as long as they did.

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Hmm. Maryland still had 5 Card Cash game to this very day.

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Lucky For Life has been the worst game ever. Cash 4 Life is much better.

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I was just about to post that myself


they have that game in the state right next to mine - use to play it - until I really looked into the odds/cash payout.

all that and its a $2 game.

not great.


And that game does not hit often either - I use to follow it a lot.


Also the 5 card cash was horrible in WI per SaraAnnRapp - can confirm.


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All or Nothing

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What is the "All or Nothing" game like in your state? 

Here it's 11/22 with $100K jackpot for $2 a ticket. It's now a twice daily game. There doesn't seem to be any uptick in wins since they added the extra daily draw. Disapprove


To each his own I guess.  I've actually had more winners (albeit nothing big) playing Lucky for Life than any other game.  I used to like Hot Lotto for the same reason until all the shenanigans occurred but it's replacement Lotto America is a dog, imho.

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Will vouch for '5 card cash' only game they suspended the drawings here due to "covid" but in reality it's a terrible game that nobody was really playing from the get go.


Another game is 'Cash Pop'

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On Paper, 5 Card Cash Game seems like a really good and fun game....


Hands down the Lotto game in NY. The absolute worst. Only won $1 ever on it.

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I played this game before, thought it gave the best 'bang for the buck' since you get 2 games for $1.  No another game was that cheap.  Since I thought of it as cheap it was always more 'fun' to play and could play 2 of my lines for only a $1.  I hit 4 of 6 once or twice!


Can anyone tell me please how many columns are there in these 3 lotteries in the physical playslip ? I play the lottery from a messenger lottery service online from A different country so I would appreciate if anyone can tell me the no. Of columns in the physical playslip in these lotteries

1) US Powerball ( some say it's from 1 - 7 columns and some say it's 1 - 9)

2) Australian lotteries

3) Euromillions Spain/Austria 

I would really appreciate any information. Thank you

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That seems a lot like Jackpot Triple Play. :) For $1, you get THREE lines. For $2, you can mix and match the numbers. :)

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Maryland has several instant win games in denominations from $1 to $10. Ask for it, pull out of the lottery machines and realize you have just given away more money to a compute generated game. They are like scratch off games without having to scratch them. Another game of chance where the Maryland State Lottery has the upper hand.

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