Mega Million And Powerball Jackpots Rollback

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Hey, anyone else upset that the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots have been rolled back to start at $20M as opposed to the $40M they promised justifying why they were raising the ticket prices from $1 to $2 per game.  I think we should we should roll back the ticket price to $1 for each game since they are rolling the game back to the old jackpot platform. I mean only fair right?

Anyone else a little pee-ode about this.. anyone else thinking about boycotting the games to make this point made?  Just curious.


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Sadly they are like institutions in this country -

do I think it should be a $1 a ticket if they scale back the jackpot and how much it increases by?


Will it?

No sadly.

They won't change because they don't have to -

They are the top dogs.

If we got everyone on LP to boycott they still wouldn't get them to do anything - 

Unless somehow they got some really bad press over it.

Not sure how that could happen or how.

Sadly they just do what they want.

Sad Cheers

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Sadly.  Unlucky-Kenny.. I think you are so right. but <snip> it'd be fun to try.  Get some good press!



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In response to LottoMomma

People will always buy their PB or MM when they go to the gas station like they have for years - 

I would be willing to bet there are a lot of people who buy their ticket each day (like they have for years, decades) and don't even know about the changes.

There are a lot of people that the only lotto tickets they will buy their entire life is PB or MM or both and that's it - 

crazy for me to think, since I like my state games, but its the case -

So because of those reasons and many more - another reason the boycott wouldn't work .

Like you said - would be fun - yes.


But will it happen?

Sadly only in our dreams.



Upset, Nah. I would be " if l knew for certain" that l was going to win either PB or MM  on a day of my choosing. Getting a piece of the pie is better than not getting any at all, you feel me Momma?

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I hear ya.





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MM is back above 40M and the rolls have been 9M instead of the normal 5M. I wonder if that trend will continue.

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I just think they are being stingy considering the odds of winning.  Used to be you could by 5 lines for  $5.  $10 fot 5 lines and then add another $1 per line for the extra ball.. makes it $15.  That's pricey. Just Greed.   No doubt playing your state games have better odds.. though most are not life changing. 



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I quit playing the big games for now,  I'll be more than happy to split  a 16.25 M lotto win in my state.Banana


If I won 20 million, I'd be so happy..a life changing amt.   So, no I am not upset.  The chances of winning are so astronomical. That it doesnt really matter to me.  I'm sure it'll go back when the lottery isn't threatened with being obsolete because of lack of funds or buyers due to the pandemic.  Besides the lower tier prizes didn't change, which have better odds than the jackpot.


 l like the jackpots in the $40 mil range. 


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