New player with a quick question!


I would like to ask 1 quick question.

After looking daily winnings from predictions, can someone please tell me what is the bet amount of each win being compared to? 

for example, on a 6 way box+ straight in Virginia yesterday (156) the prize shows $290. According to this prize amount, what was the wager on this?

I'm simply trying to understand the system's ante for each bet.


thank you so much,

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In response to timeisluxury

$1 played 50/50

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I would guess the 6 way box + straight would be a $1 wager - 50 cents for the box and 50 cents for the straight

thats usually how that works.

if they had spent a dollar on a box and a dollar on a straight it would be $80 + $500

since .50 box pays $40 and .50 straight would pay $250 to make $290

i could be reading it wrong tho - I am not the sharpest cheddar

not sure what a combo play is - my state does not have that

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As others have said it's .50 straight + .50 box. The payouts are the same for each state, even though in reality some states have different payouts. That allows players to accurately compare stats between states.

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