Wrote the lottery commission



I emailed the lottery commission.


Here is the message:



In 2012, the rules were changed to help generate bigger jackpots. The price of tickets were raised to 2 USD, the jackpot starting point was at 40 Million with minimum rollover of 5 Million.

Now what we have is a lower jackpot and lower rollover than in the past but the same price of 2 USD. With these changes, it will not surprise me if the powerball game ends up not generating sales. If the lottery commission is going to take away all the justification for the 2012 price increase, then it should also reduce its price. Using covid as an excuse is garbage and people see right through it.


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clelmentwood,  Which lottery commission and which State did you write too? Good Luck!!


Ohio. I know it will not change anything, but I just had to tell them my thoughts.

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Good luck.Big Smile  I haven't bought a powerball ticket since January. Don't plan on buying tickets to either game this summer.

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In response to clementwood

Ohio. A State which gave us many Presidents. 

  Good to exercise your freedoms. Never say Never. You do not know how your drop of rain will fill up the pail.

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In response to clementwood

FYI: The PowerBall Changes made the Lottery Post Lottery News Forum a couple of Months Ago:

Powerball to lower Jackpot Starting Point and increases due to plunge in sales!

Declining lottery sales prompt more Powerball Jackpot Changes!

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