My 40th birthday is tomorrow


This Saturday this weekend I turn 40 years old.   Besides getting myself a Powerball or Mega Millions ticket for the heck of it, any ideas of what I should do something fun for my 40th birthday?


all I can think of is going to the diner downtown tomorrow for my birthday lunch

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Happy birthday!  Enjoy your birthday weekend and definitely go out to eat. Each year and decade keeps getting better so enjoy them all!  Again - happy birthday!

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Happy birthday! Buy a pair of $20 scratchers.

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In response to urrutiap

Life begins at 40 : 卌

Good Luck, Fortune & Longevity  :-)

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Happy B-Day


Good luck on whatever you get tonight!

I wouldn't be the one to give good advice on what to get.


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Happy Birthday, urrutiap---enjoy lunch 

Play tourist--go somewhere near you that tourists go but you have not been Smiley


Happy birthday, urrutiap! Hope you enjoy your lunch!

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Happy Birthday urrutiap, have a very special day. Party

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