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Hi lottery friends,
I used to play Mega Millions and Powerball with my co-workers when the jackpot reached half a billion or higher.  Normally, we would use a copy machine and scanner to share the tickets' information amongst us.  Right now, we are all working at home because of this pandemic.  Do any of you know if there are any apps that could help me continue doing group play without having access to the office?
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If you all have access to PCs or smart phones you could use something like Slack maybe?

Its basically a group work program (I have used it in may different groups for work, etc) - you can all chat and upload/share documents or pictures you take of your ticket info from your phones.

Its both a desktop application and a phone application so everyone can connect.

Its free, just need 1 person to set it up and invite everyone (sends invites by email I think)

then they can access either by phone or PC.

It saves everything typed as a message or posted so you can always look back to find something.


Otherwise just use a google doc if you all have gmails - open a word document or spreadsheet - everyone you invite can edit or view it.


Both are free, might be something better I don't know about but that's what came to mind

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Couldn't you just use your phone to take photos of the tickets then text them to the group?

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That's what I did when I ran our little work pool. Easy-peasy.


Thank you guys, I appreciate the suggestions! I will also check out Slack, which seems interesting.

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"when the jackpot reached half a billion or higher."

Guess you won't be playing for a while considering both jackpots were hit last week. But if you decide to play, simply scan the tickets and send the copies using email. Or you could use the same method you use to collect the money to distribute copies of the tickets.



I found an iPhone app that has what you want.  The name of the app is called Powermega. You can search "powermega" or "powermega ios" to find the app.

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Whichever co-worker did the scanning, could use an Adobe PDF program... make a pdf copy of your group tickets... email them to all participants..Thumbs Up




Thank you, all of you guys! I appreciate it. I checked out the Powermega app for iphone and it has exactly what I needed. It even has a scan function for scanning tickets to a group.


The Powermega group feature is working really well. Does anyone know if this app is supported on Android? I have a few people in my group using Android phones and they could not find the app from the Google Play store.

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