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Hello All,


It has been YEARS since I was able to log on under my User ID and post anything.  I forgot my password several years ago and at the time I didnt remember seeing a feature that would allow me to change my password.  So I thought I was banned for life.  Been having Lottery Post on the brain and when I logged in to the site, I was pleasantly surprised to see a change password feature, did that and now I'm back in business!! Hurray!


Just wanted to send a post to say hello to everyone.  I'm hoping there are some folk on here that remember me from posting WAYYY back in the day.  Would love to reconnect with you soon on the site.  Also, I'm sure a lot of folk registered since I was able to log in.  Looking forward to intereacting with you and exachanging ideas so we all can get some cheddar  as well.  For starters I like 223, 1219, and 6608.  Been putting a 50 cent str play on 8606.  Georgia dropped 8909 in the night drawing a week ago so I honestly believe it will fall.  Have a great evening and hopefully the picks will do something for somebody somewhere! WinkWink


Sista Dee

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Nice to see ya back! Dance

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Haven't heard from you, or saw any of your posts for quite a while. I thought something 

serious might have happened. I'm glad to hear you're still with us.

" Welcome Back ". 

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Welcome back and good luck with what you got going tonight!


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Thx Toney725!! Missed you much!!Banana   


I apologize for just responding to your message.  Got several health issues now and had an overnight stay at Kaiser's

Urgent Care and a lot of recovery time at home in bed.  I left the CDC on Disability Retirement in November, 2019 because   my health issues got to be overwhelming and my quality of work took a dive.  So I quietly slid out of there after OPM approved my request.  I actually miss working but I never thougt in a million years I would have to leave this early (I'm 52) because I wanted to stay and retire at 65. 


Anyway let's put our heads together and see how we can bust them out and get some of our money from Georgia Lottery.  I wanted to bust the TV screen out at Midday because I played my birthday (921) and this broad dropped my deceased brother's birthday STRAIGT (922)!! ARGHHH! Cussing FaceChairFYI, the first emoticon is me is me cussing the Commissioner out when she's going to her car and the 2nd one is me beating her down!  Of course I'll be wearing a disguise while doing all of this because I'm NOT catching a case!! In the meantime I'm going back with my 921 and I'm gonna try 705 (date Big Brother died)  and 1992 (year of his death) just to see what happens.  Take care!!! Wink


Sista Dee

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