If you won the powerball or mega millions, would you still be posting here etc?


Not just lotterypost website forum but other internet social websites like videogame sites like gamefaqs or others.


If you ever won the powerball or mega millions, would you still be a creeper roaming the forums or stop being on the world wide web for awhile or whatever?

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If someone won and was still working at the time - if anything they would have more time to be on LP in retirement.

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I would imagine being on social media after a huge win, like the Mega Millions, would be a bad idea though...


I would be busy living the luxury life won’t have any time to come here that I can tell you 


At this moment I would say yes. I enjoy the site. But I don't exactly how my life would change after a win. The only way I would stop is if another passion or interest too over my time. But winning a jackpot doesn't mean I can't come here.

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I would love to have that problem.  It would mean that I am the winner. My life would be changed forever.

 Good Luck to all members, staff and Todd.

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Why wouldn't I stay on LP?  A win would change my bank account, but not me.

And only a very few select people would even know.


Absolutely not!

I am gone not just for awhile, but for good, and with good reason. Personally, l happened upon this site & l am grateful for it. I have learned a lot & put to use the things l have read & how to play certain strategies. Thing is, if you win, you have arrived & it's time to move onto greater adventures. Coming in here telling folks how you did this or that " could " be pointless. Just because you win the big one does not mean others will accomplish that same feat.

If you stay, it may come to the point whenever you enter the forum, others may say " Oh, just watch him or her go off on my strategy & find something wrong with it "  let's give Mr/ Ms Jackpot more room to air their ideas- who needs that?

Sorry, l will fold up my tent & ride off into the sunset. My work would have been done.

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If I claimed in an anonymous state, I think I would still post once in a while. I don't see why not.

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In response to noise-gate

Makes sense if you live in a non-anonymous state like California. But if you lived in Maryland, for example, and nobody knew who you were and there was no reason anyone had to know and no way for them to find out unless you blabbed, would that change your view?

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Skeptical  not sure if I'd stick around or not, if I were to win 

but I have to admit this site is entertaining at times and I think I'd actually miss a few of you

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In response to urrutiap

I don't post on social media I got rid of Facebook I got rid of Twitter I can't get off Instagram I will not post anywhere nobody's business

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In response to wander73

Can't get off Instagram because you like it too much?


I think in general social media is way too negative.

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In response to noise-gate

I can tell you my strategy right now. Go to the store and say, Let me get 3 MM with the mega- plier or 3 PB with the power play. I don't play them much anyway, so if it happens it happens. And if it doesn't, it doesn't. 

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No it would not change my view. I have been in forums apart from this one, and when l left, l stayed left. I would probably still keep in contact with folk l have something in common with through email & such, but l will not be like Lot's wife who turned around. As someone once said " When that final whistle blows, it's over. " 

In response to grwurston

That's my point G. I mean the forum is cool, but let's be honest, if you won the jackpot & cleared over $200mil, who in their right mind is going to " find the time" to sit down,turn on their computer, saying " Hi" going through this or that when you already have enough money to concentrate on, do a inventory of your life instead of seeing whose around & making small talk?

Call me crazy, but as Andy told Red in Shawshank Redemption " Get busy living or busy dying." Which one would you choose ?

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