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Good Evening Group,


So, I had a thought which led to this posting:


Has anyone looking into multiplication or division factor, as applied to the last drawn numbers to evaluate said factor/number as a viable process for determining the next potential winning numbers?


Take Md Multi-Match game as an example

Drawing - 6/4/202031923243234
number factor131313131313
sum-drawing and number factor163236374547
corrected numbers per lottery math24
End of process - next drawing to play2416323637


I chose a number factor, to add to the last drawing, of 13; I have a thing for prime numbers

I arrived at the 2 and 4 numbers by taking the calculated 45 and 47, and subtracting them from the maximum drawing number of 43.  Since the maximum number for the drawing is 43, it only made sense to subtract the sum-drawing and number factor as I view the number pool (for the particular game) to be a circle.


Is there a number works consistantly or only for a particular drawn set (i.e.:N1 vs N4)?


I look forward to everyone's comments.







In response to CountingMan

How did u arrive @ 45 & 47?

In response to CountingMan

Biggest question is which number to add to the last draw ? 

You add 13 But is 13 the best number to add to last draw ? I have no idea which is the best number but that’s the biggest obstacle it seems to me to find which is the best number to add to the last draw 


Sure, you get to the 45 and 47 by adding 13 to drawing number 5 (N5, 32) and number 6 (N6, 34)

N5    32 

 +     13



The question is whether 13 is the right number to add by, or another number?  Looking to see if anyone has done some review into this, and whether their results had "held water"





Totally agree.  There in lies the challenge.  Wanted to ask the community if there has been any work/research done to this with any positive outcomes.



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